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I’ve gotten soooo many questions about my vintage metal laundry basket. If you watch my Instagram stories, you know I found another one today at an antique store. 😍 Of course I fell in love and had to buy it. I’ve only seen two for sale in my life and I bought both of them. 😳 Here’s the one I bought today along with a few other treasures. 

There is so much you can do with these babies..

1- Blankets and pillows. (This is how I use mine)

2- An actual laundry basket. (Who said laundry baskets had to be plastic and boring?)

3- Plant stand.

4- Porch “catch all” holder. (Yeah, that place where the shoes and junk go)

I always feel so bad when I get messages/questions about mine because I can’t recommend where you can buy one. Well, my amazing husband has come to the rescue! 😏 He found a Metal Basket very similar to mine on Amazon. Click the highlighted link to check it out! 

Each day I pass my metal basket, I’m thankful I bought it. In fact, I could buy three more. Can you tell I’m in love??

Hope this post helps!! 😘

Karlee Bowman


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