Dresser Makeover / Chalk Paint Tips


Last week I found a vintage French Provincial dresser for only $40.00. 🤑 I knew immediately it was meant to be for my bedroom. Here’s how I fixed it up!!

Deep Clean

A lot of times these older pieces have been in storage sheds or garages, so they’ve collected many years of dust and dirt. 😷 I usually remove the handles and spray my furniture really well with Mrs. Myer’s All Purpose then allow it to sit for a few minutes. (Mrs. Myer’s does most of the work.)


I use several different types of chalk paint but for this piece I used my favorite, Old White by Annie Sloan. As I’ve mentioned before, I add a little water to my paint as I go since the paint is really thick.

This dresser needed two coats. (Two coats is typically what I always do with Annie Sloan) 



I used a sandpaper sheet to distress. I only distressed in specific places to show off the detail. 😍🙂


Wax is when the magic happens!!!😇 Something about Annie Sloan’s wax totally hardens and cures the paint. Don’t over do the wax because it’s not necessary. I apply the wax with a brush one space at a time then wipe it off with cloth. So Easy!!


Let the fun begin, friends!!🙄 This is NOT how it will be styled in the future. That stained glass piece was already there, so it’s a little high.😜 I’m still looking for the perfect pieces to style this area, but you get the point!


  • Diane Barnard

    Curious…how long was this entire process for you? I find that the waxing takes the longest. You?
    Diane Barnard

    • Karlee Bowman

      To be honest, I did it start to finish in one afternoon. I’ve tried some waxes that took forever but Annie Sloan is by far the quickest to apply for me.

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