Classic Cottage Co. is Expanding.. Yet Again

Yep, you read it! Tomorrow Feb. 1st we’re expanding!!

I kept this expansion a little quiet because I’m mostly doing it as a business experiment. I want to test the waters of a new location inside of the antique mall that we’re currently in. I’m doing this to test two things – location and size.

Our newest booth (Yes, we’ll be keeping our current spaces… fret not!) will be towards the front of the store but smaller than our current location. This excites ME!!

I find myself EXTREMELY excited when Aaron and I do/try something new with our business. This motivates me.

Yep, you better believe it –  we’ve come up with a design and cool pieces for this new booth. Although it’s more of an experiment, I still want anything “marked” Classic Cottage Co. to be of Classic Cottage Co. standard so it’ll be pretty!

Needless to say, Aaron and I have blocked out our day tomorrow to work on this expansion. We’ll work sun up to sun down to have it ready as soon as possible for our customers.

My first booth

One of the expansions

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