My Vintage Booths in March

Another month has passed so it’s time for a monthly recap for March on my booths. Apparently, many of you are interested in my antique business. (Insert BIG Karlee smile here ☺️) March was a great month for us!

Mirrors Sold 

I know, how random is that?! We were selling mirrors left and right. Ha, I’m still trying to catch the mirror stock pile up from March. Small, large, rustic and french – a wide variety of mirrors sold all month long.

Comparing Springs

As I’ve said before Spring of 2017 was painfully slow for us. I mean PAINFULLY!! 😫However, so far this Spring we’ve managed to turn the tide and items are selling. March was a repeat of stock, empty, stock and empty. We’re hoping the same will happen for April. Time will tell!!

How We Did It

Coffee. Lots of warm coffee. Also, by not questioning/talking ourself out of buying pieces. When we went picking, we were willing to load the truck slam full! Haha, and then go back for more!!

Thanks for reading!!

-Karlee Bowman

My Adult Busy Bag

Hi! So we’re doing a little Spring travels this weekend. We’re making it a quick combo trip and seeing both Aaron’s family and my sister’s family. From Alabama to Kentucky to Indiana then from Indian back to Alabama – we’ll be spending a lot of hours in the car.

Growing up, my mom used to pack us  “busy bags” when we went on trips. Ha, now I wonder if a “busy bag” is an actual thing or just something mom made up. Hmmmm, have you ever heard of a busy bag?

Well, now as an adult, I still have a busy bag. (I think my sister Kayla does too!) Over the years is has matured a little. I’ve traded my coloring books, fruit roll ups and children’s fiction for more grown up items.

What’s in it?

The essentials –  books, magazines, chapstick, lipstick and laptop. Just a few items that can keep my attention for hours.


I usually bring along two books just in case one is a bummer. However, all the books in the Outlander series is amazing so no worries there!Magazines

Magazines are a must too.. sometimes my eyes get tired from reading so I like to look at pictures in magazines (child moment.. again). I read both The Magnolia Journal and The Farmhouse Movement cover to cover ever issue.


Let’s face it – long trips can me you feel yucky. Having these two items make me feel human again. Also, I like to have the lipstick on hand to freshen up before seeing any family or friends.


Duhhhhhh.. Cause I’m a workaholic.


Thanks you Initial Outfitters for the sweet, sweet cosmetic bag! It makes for happy traveling!


Drums of Autumn Book – Click Here

First Book in the Outlander Series – Click Here

The Magnolia Journal – Click Here

The Farmhouse Movement Magazine – Click Here

Eos Lip Balm – Click Here

Mac Lipstick – Click Here

Cosmetic Bag – Click Here

Tote – Click Here

(Some of these links are affiliate links)

Our Easter Without Children This Year 2018

Last Easter I wrote a blog called Our Easter Without Children and it was a hit. My blog was still young and boy can you tell!! Since it was a big hit I decided to share our Easter plans for this year.

Last year I mentioned how many holidays are centered towards families. If you’re a small family of two, it can really strongly feel as if something is missing… children.. parents..

Aaron and I are very strategic in planning special days. Since we have no children, we indulge in the chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs as if we are children!

Seriously though, here’s our weekend plans!

Good Friday 

We’ll be attending a Good Friday evening service at our local Methodist church.


My best friend’s son is turning one. Saturday he’s having a Peter Rabbit Birthday party. What a fun way to kick off Easter weekend!!


As I did last year, we’ll run by Krispy Kreme and get some donuts all decked out for Easter!

Easter Basket

Yep, again Aaron will get an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny named Karlee Gail. It will be the usual – Candy, a book, candy, shaving cream, chapstick, candy, magazines and candy.

I feel one is never too old for an Easter basket!!!

Easter Sunday

We will go to church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday morning! Easter Sunday is the best Sunday of the whole year.

Since we no longer have local family to have a Easter dinner with, Aaron has made reservations for our favorite seafood place in downtown Auburn.

Spring Accessories – Initial Outfitters

  I’ve recently teamed up with an awesome company called Initial Outfitters! Last week I talked about some precious home decor goodies they sent over to me. This week is all about the fun accessories.

When choosing these accessories, I had SPRING on the brain – how appropriate with it being the week of Easter and Spring being in full swing!!

When picking out clothes or accessories, I always go for staple versatile pieces. Something neutral or several different blending colors so I can get as much wear as possible. Personally I like to get fewer but quality items and wear the HECK OUT EM’.

The River Walk Natural Stone Necklace is all of the things listed above. If boho meeting classic were a thing, it would be this sweet necklace. It has a nice blend of blues yet has enough neutral beads to go with anything! This necklace will quickly become your “go to” every day necklace. The quality is great and is sure to last you many years to come.

Let’s talk funky earrings! I needed some cute statement earrings to last all Spring and Summer long  – Hanging by a Thread Earring were just what I needed. Love these pink tassels!

Of all the accessories, the personalized cosmetic bag is my favorite. It’s adorable. I could totally use it as a clutch. Initial Outfitters offers different bag colors, embroidery colors and fonts. This little bag would make a wonderful gift.

It’s been a joy working with Initial Outfitters! I’m so pleased with the quality and CUTENESS of all their products!!

Friday Favorites – Initial Outfitters

Happy FriYAY!! I’m so excited for the weekend to be here. Recently I had a GREAT opportunity of teaming up with Initial Outfitters and I’m so excited to share my favorites from this AWESOME online company. I want to share some products I think you’ll like and share why I love them!

Ha, even the shipping box is cute!

There’s ALWAYS room for another pillow, right? Especially a cute personalized pillow. I love how neutral yet bold this pillow is! It’s neutral because of the color yet has the last name in bold black. This combo makes for an awesome statement pillow in any room!

Every living space must have one thing – COASTERS! And if you must have coasters why not order some that are cute and personalized!

This cutting board has to be the CUTEST cutting board I’ve ever seen!! It’s farmhouse worthy with personalization.. Perfect combo in my book! It has a sweet shiplap background with a cow, our last name and the year Aaron and I were married.

This cutting board would make a sweet wedding gift. I myself remember being a bride who LOVED gifts with my new last name! So this is a go to gift for the upcoming wedding season!

There’s a matching pot holder?? Yes way!! Well, I might just do some baking!! Seriously, this cute pot holder matches the cutting board and that alone can make cooking fun!

Okay, so that’s a few items I love from Initial Outfitters. All of these times are adorable and great quality. Again, this is an awesome place to find gifts for any occasion. I have a few more items to come – Next well talk accessories!


Mug – Click Here (As seen in features image)

Pillow – Click Here

Coasters – Click Here

Cutting Board – Click Here

Pot Holder – Click Here

Mini Dresser Mirror – Vintage Find

One of the best parts of being a picker is finding a rare beautiful piece for yourself. 99% of the items I pick, (although I love) I do not keep. I can’t keep everything I like or I would go broke.

However, every once in a while I treat myself. 

A few weekends ago Aaron and I were hunting antiques when we spotted an old unusual mirror. The mirror looks like an old dresser mirror except it’s a mini!! Approx. 2ft wide and 2ft tall, it has all the details of a large antique mirror that would attach to a wood dresser but it’s small. In all of my years of loving antiques (Since 7 years old.. I think?? Right mom??) I have never seen a mini dresser mirror.

The glass itself is old with etched detail and a curvy top and edges.  The base of the piece is a light/blonde wood and the mirror itself is held in with old brass brackets. It’s lovely with each of its details. Thanks so much for reading my blog today!!

Spring Bucket List

It’s the first day of Spring!! Hallelujah!! I’m ready for the warm air, pretty plants and all the other great things Spring brings. I’ve jotted a few (okay maybe more than a few.. more like 10) ideas for Spring! Hope you enjoy!

1 – Pick strawberries

 2 – Have a spring clean

3 – Plant a garden

4 – Donate used items

5 – Make plans to celebrate Easter

6 – Shop at a farmer’s market

 7 – Add hanging plant baskets to the porch

8 – Dye Easter eggs

9 – Try a new fitness class (Yoga is scheduled for me!)

10 – Go for an evening walk with someone you care about (Days are longer)


Bedside Table Redo

The thrill of finding a piece someone may call out of style and turning it into something beautiful is beyond fun to me. A few months ago I was browsing around a local thrift store and spotted these two large nightstands.. They looked like mini chest of drawers. I loved the hardware. Seriously, I’m always a sucker for cool original hardware. Just can’t say NO to it. Sorta out of style? Yes. Workable in some way? Also, yes.


Standing in the thrift store, my mind began to race; thinking how can I make these look fabulous in my bedroom?


1 – Painting the entire piece.

2 – Painting just the shell and leave the drawers original.

3 – Change the hideous laminate top.

I decided the piece had enough options to be workable. I snagged the mini chests for $23 each. Once I was home, we placed them on either side of the bed and decided we would try the third option of changing out the top. We felt some white wood planks would be pretty.

This is where sweet Aaron came in to help!!😏(Such skillzzz) With his powerful muscles he ripped the ugly laminate top off just like The Hulk. 💪🏼Just kidding.. The top was held with four screws so he just unscrewed the top off.

Next, he took 1x2x8 common pine board from Home Depot and cut each plank to the length of the nightstand. After placing each board side by side horizontally he nailed them into place with his nail gun. Note – if you don’t have a nail gun, you can always use regular nails and embrace a “rustic look”.

Finally, I grabbed some white paint and a paint brush and gave the tops two coats of paint. BAM!! We were done and had some awesome/unique/thrifty nightstands with MEGA amounts of storage.

For now, I love the way these nightstands look beside our bed. Later I may try painting the rest with chalk or milk paint but as of now I’m embracing the warm wood tone in contrast with the white top.

I truly hope this blog post encourages you to make pieces your own! Get a bargain and see what YOU can do to make it an original piece. This whole project from start to finish only took us a couple of hours and it was enjoyable! Thanks so much for reading my blog today!


Friday Favorites

Hello y’all!! I’ve got a few favorites for this week I would like to share with ya! Let’s get to it!

The V-Neck That’s DOUBLE Good

Anyone else LOVE a v-neck tee? 🙋🏼Well, guess what.. this shirt is a DOUBLE v-neck!! 😱It’s yummy soft and just so happens to be 30% off right now!!

The Hanging Ferns

Spring is nearly here! Time to grab the leafy green plants and hang ’em!! I bought these hanging ferns the other week and totally LOVE them! They’re hanging in our kitchen widow. I think they’ll be great for Spring through Summer.

Speaking of Kitchen Window.. We Love Our Light

This is the pendant light we have above our kitchen sink. We found it online and I’ve been very pleased since the day we installed it. It would look great with an edison bulb but we just used a regular bulb. The style of this fixture  would look great with any cottage or farmhouse decor.

Newest Additions to The Bowman Family

Finally. I’m so proud to say we got chicks over the weekend!! Four adorable baby chicks. (Soon to get more..I’m sure)

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know last Summer we built a chicken coop. (You can read more about that here!) The chicken coop required more time and money than expected. Isn’t that how projects always go though?? By the time we were finished it was nearly Fall and we had several out of town trips planned, so we held off on getting chickens until NOW!

After picking on Saturday, Aaron suggested we go ahead and get a few. The first store we went to was completely out. So we ended up purchasing a few on some farmland near the house.

For now, we decided to get 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Rhode Island Reds.

The baby chicks were less than a week old when we brought them home. Itty bitty babes!! After 6 days we can already see how much they’ve grown. I’m sure there will be more to come. Hopefully they will enjoy the coop we labored SO hard for!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Karlee Bowman