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    Our Easter Without Children

    During holidays such as Easter, it’s easy to feel like something is missing when you don’t have children of your own. As I walk through Target I see the fun bunny goodies and beautiful Easter dresses. 🐣🐇 On the radio I hear about huge egg hunts (One was a swimming pool egg hunt.. How cool is that??) Many of these wonderful events are geared to families with children. So, if you are childless or even an empty nester, this blog is written for you! Here are a few ways I made Easter special for my family of two. 👫 It’s not too late to use these ideas. Special Breakfast Typically…

  • Items I Love

    Good Friday Favorites!

    Happy Easter weekend, dear friends! (Yep, I consider you friend by this point 😉) It’s Good Friday, so let’s talk about Friday Favorites! One can never go wrong with a moisturizer, book and canister set. Hempz Body Moisturizer This non decor related item is on point! I’ve been lathering it on my skin for three years now because it’s the perfect moisturizer. Each scent is amazing. 😍  Triple Moisture  and Age Defying are my favs!   Small Great Things Months ago I read Small Great Things Small GreatThings by Jodi Picoult. Let me just say, my ol heart is still in knots from this deep story. Warning – it’s not a little…

  • Decor

    4 Farmhouse Finds from the Thrift Store!

    Many of you know I am a picker! I am going to let you in on a few secrets of the trade. 😉 You can sometimes spot really awesome finds at a thrift store. I’ve heard people say they like the idea of thrifting but don’t know what they are looking for. Well, I’m here to help!! 😃 Here’s five farmhouse treasures you can often find in a thrift store. White Blankets Yep, nearly all of my white throw blankets have come from thrift stores. Blankets are nearly a guarantee find. I spot the ones with neat textures such as hand knit or quilted. Since I always go for white,…

  • DIY

    DIY Stair Rail Painting

    Staircase, you make such a small statement in a big way! Before we knew much about stain (and our knowledge is still limited 🙄) my husband stained the handrail and balusters of our staircase. 😩 Let’s just say, the stain turned out to be extremely dark. If you follow my insta, you know I love wood but this was not a pretty color. It was time to do something… 🤔 I painted it plain-Jane white in three simple steps and it looks beautiful! Also, Everything I used I found in my broom closet. Step 1 Clean the entire surface. Don’t skip this easy step! Why? Getting dust and dead insects…

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