4 Farmhouse Finds from the Thrift Store!

Many of you know I am a picker! I am going to let you in on a few secrets of the trade. 😉 You can sometimes spot really awesome finds at a thrift store. I’ve heard people say they like the idea of thrifting but don’t know what they are looking for. Well, I’m here to help!! 😃 Here’s five farmhouse treasures you can often find in a thrift store.

White Blankets

Yep, nearly all of my white throw blankets have come from thrift stores. Blankets are nearly a guarantee find. I spot the ones with neat textures such as hand knit or quilted. Since I always go for white, I throw them in the washer machine with some bleach to wash away any germies. 😖

Vintage Books

If you’re like me, (#jojomademedoit) you love Joanna Gaines and the Magnolia Journal. In the Spring 2017 edition Joanna talked about decorating with old books. (I highly recommend this magazine)

You can find antique books at thrift stores!! 📚 In fact, I found one today from 1935 for $2. I’ve found some books from 1915 for less $5. I’m a nerdy book lover.

🤓 Told ya I’m a nerdy book lover.

Milk Glass Vases

Yep, those 1950’s milk glass vases that are populating Instagram can many times be found at the thrift store. They are typically no more than a couple of bucks and there is endless possibilities. I still love adding to my collection. 😍


Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs are a true love of mine. I have at least one in every room. (uhh..embarrassing 🙄) It’s surprising how many I’ve seen at thrift stores. I’ve purchased three jute rugs at thrift stores within the past four months. One happened to be a Pottery Barn that retails for $479. 😱 Last week I bought a 6×9 for $10 at the Salvation Army.

There is no guarantee what you’ll find while hunting. Start off by training your eye to hunt for these treasures and check the stores often. Instead of heading to TJ Maxx for a blanket, I’d rather buy it at a thrift store and save my Moolah for a special item on Etsy or at an antique store! 🤑😘

DIY Stair Rail Painting

Staircase, you make such a small statement in a big way! Before we knew much about stain (and our knowledge is still limited 🙄) my husband stained the handrail and balusters of our staircase. 😩 Let’s just say, the stain turned out to be extremely dark. If you follow my insta, you know I love wood but this was not a pretty color.

It was time to do something… 🤔

I painted it plain-Jane white in three simple steps and it looks beautiful! Also, Everything I used I found in my broom closet.

Step 1

Clean the entire surface. Don’t skip this easy step! Why? Getting dust and dead insects in paint isn’t fun.

I did everything freehand but if you need to tape off with painters tape now would be the time.

Step 2

Apply TWO coats of primer on the baluster and handrail. Don’t forget underneath the handrail. I started at the base of the baluster then worked my way up but you can do it however. I allowed the each coat of primer to dry one hour.

This is the primer I used, but you can use any primer. I chose this one because it’s what we already had in the broom closet and I like to save moolah. 🤑

Step 3

It’s time to paint! Paint the baluster and handrail the color of your choice. Again, don’t forget underneath the handrail.

I chose Cameo White by Behr Marquee because it’s my absolute favorite white and I already had some on hand. Also, I totally swear by Behr Marquee because it’s the best paint ever.