Items You’ve Asked About!

I absolutely love sharing information with friends! So, that’s what this post is about. There are several items I always get questions about so I’m about to let you in on why I bought it and why I love it!😍

FYI –  Each of these items are actually from World Market. You can click picture or link and it will take you directly to the World Market site to order. 😉 We like keeping things easy for you around here!!

Warning – I’ll probably use this emoji a hundred times because I absolutely love all of these items! 👉🏻 😍

Jade Green Glass Footed Bowls Set of 6 by World Market
Jade Green Glass Footed Bowls Set of 6 by World Market

Aren’t these jadeite bowls precious?!?!😍 I bought several at the beginning of Spring and they’ve added a great splash of color to my open shelving in the kitchen. 🤗

The size of these bowls are perfect for a little late night serving of ice cream or cobbler. 🍨

One thing about jade color dishes – they’re versatile for many season! Adorable for Spring and Summer but would also be darling mixed with a little red at during Christmas. Can you imagine this color and size bowl styled with a mini pumpkin for October? 😉 (Yep, just figured out what I’ll do with these in Autumn)

One very important note – (Well, at least important in the home decor/blogging world) 😍 Liz Marie has a large stack of these in one of her primitive cabinets and it looks GREAT!!👌🏻 👍🏻
Beryl Green Marcelle Tufted Ottoman: Blue - Fabric by World Market
Beryl Tufted Ottoman: Blue – Fabric by World Market

Since I’ve began sharing my home on Istagram, I’ve got so many Direct Messages about this plush ottoman in my living room.

Yes, It has color. Yes, I love white. 😍 However, as much as I love white one of my secrets to styling is adding a splash of color in an unexpected way and this ottoman certainly does adds pop!

I love the style and color of my ottoman.😍 Also, it has been extremely durable for us!! 👍🏻 During my early days of homemaking this piece was a major purchase for me and I’m as pleased now as the day I bought it!

Natural Macrame Table Runner: White - Cotton by World Market

Natural Macrame Table Runner: White – Cotton by World Market

We can’t talk about the ottoman without talking about my favorite runner. Favorite. Runner. Ever. 😍 😍 😍

First off, layering is an important key to styling a home.☝🏻 This macrame runner adds layer and texture to any space. Also, the color is perfect.😍 Keep in mind, you can use this runner on a dresser, coffee table, dining room/kitchen table, buffet among many other spaces. Again, this is a versatile piece!

You’ll be thanking me after you order this beautiful runner! 😉

I Might be Crazy

Open shelving.. It’s another debate. 🤔 Unlike my shiplap debate, (which you can read about here) I knew exactly where I stood on the topic of open shelves.

Again, this was one of those ideas my sweet husband thought I was CRAY CRAY.. and maybe I am. (That’s another topic for another day) 🤗 🙃

I love the look, concept and just about everything else about open shelves in the kitchen.😉 Now that I’ve lived with open shelves for a few months, I feel I can talk about it a bit!


The rhythm of my heart beats “organization, organization, organization” but I’m not always good at being organized. (Or maybe it’s Aaron 🤔) (Not to cast blame😉) Anyways, about a week into our open shelving we both realized it was forcing us to keep everything tidy.

In times past, our poor little cabinets were always so unorganized but now everything things has a specific place. Open shelving totally brought structure to our home.😁


Open shelves add opportunity to display your pretty items.😍 I don’t know about you but if it’s not pretty, I’m probably not going to buy it. I’m the type of girl who opts for the pretty white mixing bowls instead of the cheap ugly ones. I buy only items I love so I’ll keep them forever and it’ll save money in the long run. (haha, that’s how I justify buying 😉)

So open shelves allows me to display those beautiful cake plates, mixing bowls and baking dishes.😍


Are you looking for that big farmhouse statement in your kitchen?? Open shelving could be your key. Something about it screams farmhouse especially when styled correctly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen open shelves be very versatile in styles. Open shelving can be anything from farmhouse to cottage to modern. No matter the style theses shelves make a huge statement in a home!!👍🏻

So I may be crazy but I love open shelves. 🤷🏼‍♀️ They keep things structured, pretty and make a huge style statement.

Call me cray cray if you’d like but I immediately knew where I stood on the debate open shelves.

How to DIY
Here’s a link to a previous blog I posted on how to install open shelves yourself!!

Broke and Needing a Headboard

The beginning of my relationship with Aaron happened quick. Between a 4 month span we had some very exciting events happen in our life –  engagement, purchased our first house and got married. What this translates to –  we bought (well, mainly he bought) an engagement ring (which he did a killer job designing😏 😍), a home (which was completely broken😩), wedding bands and wedding expenses.

Keep in mind, when we bought our home the power among many other things did not work. Did I mention vines were overtaking the entire structure?!?! 😭

Well, we closed on the house, our wedding day had passed and my sweet farmhouse felt empty. The walls, cabinets and floors felt empty and this situation made for a very overwhelmed new bride.😭 Our budget was slim due to all the expenses over the past few months.

I wanted a headboard. Was this too much to ask?!?!

Yes, it was too much to ask when nearly every square foot of our new hardwood floor was bare. Have you priced rugs recently???

I knew if I wanted something over that bed as a headboard, I would have to get creative. I was staring at our bed (feeling so sorry for myself 😭) as my new husband was outside taking down an old rustic privacy fence.
So, I started thinking.🤔 I’m nearly positive this moment was the first of many times Aaron thought I was crazy. I ran outside and explained how we could use the old fence as our headboard.

Aaron said let’s give it a try. I grabbed one side and he grabbed the other we marched that beauty in our room and ended up loving it! 😍 Best of all – no one else had a headboard like us. It was completely unique.

I wrote this blog to encourage you. Sometimes we feel lack of money brings limitations but really it just demands us to be more creative. This type of creativity is perfect because it tells your story and makes your home unique.

We are now at a place I could purchase a beautiful headboard. Trust me, within my line of work I have plenty of opportunity. However, our old fence headboard is a constant reminder of how far we’ve come. It also reminds me to never lose the art of creativity. 😊

What can you repurpose?

Painting a Stone Fireplace

First of all, allow me to explain why. Our home is slowly turning into a white neutral haven with french farmhouse detail. The stone fireplace was beautiful but no longer blended within the style of our home.🙄 So, we decided to paint it!

  Here’s a before picture!

Step One – Choose Color

I went with the same color as White Dove by Benjamin Moore but I had it mixed at Home Depot for convenience. (Tip – Home Depot has a formula for every Benjamin Moore color) 😌 White Dove is the color of our shiplap so I knew it would work.

Purchase Paint

Behr Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint in a flat finish is what we used. One gallon can was around $20 🤑 and completely finished our large double sided fireplace.


Prep is self explanatory but important. I know first hand because we skipped it on one side and had to start over. Simple – wipe off the old dust. 😷

Also, this would be the time to tape plastic over anything you don’t want painted.

Begin Spraying

Here’s an electric paint sprayer off Amazon similar to what we used. We applied two coats to each side and BAM we were done! 😁 This projects was simple once we figured out what to do. Aaron and I literally stood in Home Depot and debated on how to go about this project.. (There might have been a slight disagreement) All in all, we figured it out and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results !😍

Btw – He was right about not priming the stone (I’m a advocate of primer) and I was right about the flat finish selection. Nothing builds a marriage better than a home improvement project. 😉


Mother’s Day Distance Mugs

Mother’s Day weekend is one week from today!! Soooo many of you expressed interest in the state distance mugs I shared on the blog titled Mother’s Day Gift Ideas… BUT Amazon was out of those awesome mugs by the next day. 😩 Ahhh, so sad!! However, I found some more to help you out!! You can order these directly from Amazon and have them shipped to Momma by Mother’s Day! 😉 However, the clock is ticking tick tock so order NOW!

Such an adorable mug! Fill out the info and click order. Boys and wives, the state colors can be changed so this beauty is perfect to order from a son to a mother. Note – my own mom saw this on my last blog and already asked for one. 😂

Perfect mug from a daughter to a mother!! Btw –  the shipping on this mug is free. Not that we want to cheap out on mom. 😉 Ha!

If your mom is always on the go, this is the mug for her!! Annnnnd it has a cute quote!!😍 Love it!!Aww, the quote on this precious mug!! Again, great gift from a guy. So sweet!!

So adorable!! Your mom will definitely have this mug displayed on her cabinet for all to see!

Okay, so hopefully this post helps! It’s not too late right now, but it will be soon. Click on the image or link to order it from Amazon now!! Have a happy weekend, everyone!!

Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday!! One of the best days of the week. Here’s a few products I’ve recently used that I love. If you’re like me you love recommendations!! Have a great weekend, peeps!
Mod About You by OPI

Mod About You is my go to color! It’s the perfect pink. 😍 This creamy pink color looks good no matter the skin color. I use the gel on my fingers and regular on my toes. 🤔 I despise picking nail color but I know I can never go wrong with this selection. It’s the best!!!👍🏻

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

You think your family has drama? 😳 You have nothing on the Plumb family! 😉 The Nest is a wonderful spring read!
Wine Bottle Filled Candle - Merlot by World Market MerlotThese are the best candles!! 😍 You can find them at World Market. Each one I’ve tried as a rich scent and fragrance fills the room!! The fragrance is not overwhelming but really good!!

Shiplap, Yea or Nah?

I’ve heard both sides of the argument. Yea or Nah on shiplap? I’ll be honest, during our deciding process I totally lost sleep over it. I’m an over thinker and analyze everything. EVERYTHING.

Some people claim shiplap is the new 1970’s paneling and refused to take part in the shenanigans. Others feel shiplap is completely overrated. Joanna Gaines, you’ve caused quite the debate!

After researching both sides, studying pictures of people who have it and losing sleep, I finally made a decision.

Yea. I like shiplap. Here’s why!


I’m all about adding an extra layer of texture to a room. Welp, shiplap definitely brings a neutral texture to any room (or in my case ceiling too). That lovely texture comes in an unnoticed way which I’ll explain later.


Call me totally crazy but I swear by this statement – our ceilings got taller. Okay, maybe not literally but OMG our walls look taller. It’s only an illusion but it’s a good one for sure!


During one of my long emotional (inner turmoil) conversations with Aaron regarding shiplap, he pointed out that a previous owner had shiplapped our ceilings and I hadn’t grown tired of it. In fact, we barely noticed our shiplap ceilings when we bought our home. (We didn’t watch much Fixer Upper in those days and still don’t… who has time for TV??)


There’s something about those white uniformed lines that makes me happier with each glance. So whether I keep it for a year or twenty years, what does it matter so long as I love it?!?

FYI – my go to shiplap color is Benjamin Moore White Dove. Here’s a secret, I actually get it in Behr from Home Depot. They have access to Benjamin Moore colors. It saves me moola! 

Inspiring Home Books You Need to Order

These three books helped me so much on my decor/design journey. If you’re needing home inspiration, these are your books to order. 😄 👍🏻 I’ve chosen this selection of books because they’ve either explained, taught or inspired me and I think they’ll do the same for you!

If you have one and not the others, well here’s you a little late Spring read! I hope they inspire you the same way they inspired me!

Simple Decorating

This book is small but powerful! Simple Decorating has 50 tips any home could use. You will learn so much! It goes from how to select curtains to a list of items every home needs. If you’re a homemaker, I strongly suggest you order this $10.47 book from Amazon.

Simple Decorating is all about making you and your family feel comfortable at home. Despite my family being a small family of two, I want our home to share our story and be comfortable. 👫 😍 Simple Decorating explains how to do that and so much more!

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm

This is my go to book. It is the farmhouse style DIY encyclopedia. A Touch of Farmhouse Charm has small projects you can whip out in 30 minutes as well as larger projects. The Author, Liz Fourez, gives an estimate of the time each project will take and so far she’s been right on each one I’ve tried! 😉

I did several of these DIY projects at the end of last year and 5 months later I still find myself flipping through this book looking for more!! A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is great for those of us on a budget! 🤑  Okay,  I would talk about this book forever… moving on!!

The Magnolia Story
So much about the The Magnolia Story spoke to me. No doubt, Joanna has a relationship with God.

Alright time to get personal –  I read this book during the fall of last year. I was in a rut personally. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I was frustrated with our home (that’s a complete blog for another day) and I was discouraged with my at the time very, very, very small vintage booth, Classic. 😩 Something about The The Magnolia Story spoke to me to be happy where I am at the moment and enjoy the journey.

Even today when I feel myself becoming frustrated (it’s not always easy being married to an entrepreneur 😳 😏), I think back to the The Magnolia Story and remember to enjoy the journey.

This book is rich with inspiration. No doubt, you will walk away inspired to keep pushing and trust God no matter where you are in life.

These books are all very different from one another but each one is so good!! I truly encourage you to read these even if you just start with one and work your way through the list!

How to Shop at a Vintage/Antique Mall

My love for antiques is serious. I had my first antique booth when I was 12 years old. The owner of the store rented built in shelves that were in the aisle. ☺️ From there, my love (obsession) grew. My mom taught me how to develop an eye at an early age.

Over the years, I’ve learned some people feel overwhelmed while antique shopping. If that’s you, these tips might help you! 🙃 😉

Don’t Rush

If you’re low on time, that’s not your day to shop. You will quickly become frustrated. 😣 😩 Check an antique mall out when you want to enjoy the day browsing. (I typically do this with a Starbucks in hand and my phone put away in my purse.)

Front Booths

Pay extra attention to vendors at the front of the store. Many times that’s where the owner’s booth is! Often time’s the owner “invites” specific vendor’s to the front of the store for the sake of first impressions. Note – this is not always the case.

Display Pieces

Here’s a secret – many times my best pieces are the base of a display. For instance, under a beautiful display is that perfect old farm table or holding that galvanized bucket is a lovely chair from the early 1900’s. 😍 😌 I’d say my best (personal favorite) pieces are those I buy with the sole purpose of display although they still have a price tag.

So, if you like a set up in a booth, take a step back and study each detail from the bottom up. Pay extra close attention to the base pieces because that’s where you’ll find the gold.

On a side note – If an item you love is marked Not For Sale (NFS) and it’s been there a while. Ask the front desk to call the vendor with a offer. If you’re lucky the vendor, might be wanting to change it up anyways.

 Check out that chippy white table!

 Under all those cottage goodies is an old church pew!

The Secret of Secrets.. Shhhhhh!!

The store I’m at will give 10% off of items $25 and up if it’s not marked FIRM. Other stores have a policy of $50 and up. 🤑 😁 🤑 If you’re interested in an item it’s totally worth asking for that 10% off.

Another tip – if the item is over $75 (some stores vary), make an offer and ask the front desk to call the vendor. The pricier the item, the more you can ask off. However, do expect the vendor to come back with a counter offer.

Check Prices

My husband laughs at me because I constantly check prices. I’m always comparing. This trick is how I gage the fairness of the booth.

Look Above

I’ve found wonderful light fixtures at antique stores. Also, again sometimes awesome pieces are hung high as attention getters.

When in Doubt

 If it’s a fair price and you love it, buy it. There is a chance that item you love might not be there tomorrow. Countless times I’ve had customers message me asking if I still had a piece and it had already sold within hours of them falling in love. If it’s at a price you can resell it on eBay to recover your money later, go for it.   

Ps- Featured image and the last two photos belong to my friend Ana. Be sure to check her out at Shabby Auburn! She’s very talented! 😘

Friday Favorites!


It’s Friday again!! Our plans for this weekend consist of picking, coffee and a DIY project.. this is pretty much my ideal weekend. 😁 😉 

It’s time for Friday Favorites! I so enjoy sharing products I’ve recently enjoyed. So, let’s talk about a pillow, book and wall art! Yes, of course a book made the list.. I ALWAYS have a good book to recommend. 🤓
Isn’t this pillow adorable?!?! I have one on my couch and love it! I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality. It’s perfect for any home. Also, this makes an awesome wedding gift for newlyweds.  Oh, and it’s only $23.50.. What a great Friday splurge for some happy mail next week!! 😉 🤗

This. Book. Is. Amazing. I love everything I’ve read by Mary Kubica. It’s another psychology thriller like Girl on the Train. If you’re needing a good Spring read, order The Good Girl  right now off Amazon. 😉 After you read it, be sure to tell me what you think!!

Springbok Paper Mache Animal Bust by World Market

I’ve had many people ask about the paper mache animal head in the center of my tobacco basket. Well, I got it from World Market. I bought this wall art last year and I had no idea the statement it would make. The coolest part – the paper looks like pages out of a phone book. (I’m a sucker for detail 😍)


Happy Friday, peeps!! I’ll try to keep you posted on our weekend adventures.