5 Adorable Farmhouse Style Tier Trays

Let’s talk about tier trays! ❤️ So adorable for your counter in the kitchen. Layered trays are perfect for displaying little items you love! I’ve used mine for candles, mini boxwood wreaths and mugs! 🌿 I’ve found this selection from my favorite store – Amazon!!

Simple and galvanized! 😍 Can it get any better? Yes, it actually can because this Galvanized Two Level Tray  is VERY reasonably priced! So adorable.

Are you a lover of black metal? Well, this tray is for you! Annnnd it’s got an extra tier for displaying more items! This Black 3-Tier Tray would look great in any home!

Cream, wood and slightly distressed? Yes, I’ll take it! Is this 3-Tier Wood Tray not the cutest! Please note – this particular tray is selling fast, so order now if you’re going to order!!

Check out the detail on this lovely piece! The stem is adorable! Wood Aluminum 2 Tier Tray  can make any space look cozy!

Here’s another galvanized option! I love the detail of the base and it’s an extra tier! Metal Galvanized Tray has so much farmhouse charm!!

Alright, so there you have it! 😊 These are all options I would totally use in my own farmhouse. If you’re in the market for a tier tray, I hope this helps! Thanks for reading! 😘

The Blog Went Down

Well, my title says it all – The Blog Went Down. I’m sure some of you noticed!! 😳 I was in the midst of soaking up the weekend when Aaron (my husband) got an alert text from his system monitors that my blog was no longer working. (I’m sure the alert sounded much more technical..)

Shortly after Aaron’s notification, I began receiving messages from readers saying they were unable to access my blog. 😳😱😳

Unfortunately, we were not at a place to get the blog fixed at that very moment. Allow me to explain, we had a truck full of junk from picking for Classic Cottage.🏃🏼‍♀️ Ha, and by this point it was our SECOND TRUCK load.

After thinking the worse had happened (hacked), Aaron realized what was going on and it actually wasn’t so bad at all.👨🏻‍💻In fact, it was a good problem to have! He said, due to the content and amount of views, you have officially outgrown your server. 💃🏼

Ha, first it was Classic Cottage Expansion and now it’s blog expansion! Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

At this point, I’m only lacking two state (Vermont and Alaska) from my blog being viewed by every state in the USA. Thanks for comments, sharing, and visiting this blog!

So, I apologize for any inconveniences this quick break may have caused! Again, thanks for all of your support! 😘

Ps – I decided to add a few pictures of our pups on the average day of blogging! 😊 🐾

Barn Door Bliss

Last weekend we had a homeowner catastrophe. 😩 It happens to every homeowner, right? Especially those with nearly 100 year old homes!

Saturday – We spent nearly the entire day working on Classic Cottage. Our plan was to work my vintage mini shop on Saturday then continue building the chicken coop on Sunday. Well, Saturday night I need to get in our garage/shed building. The garage door was very old and not well made. In fact, Aaron had to turn into The Hulk to open the dang door. 💪🏻 (I couldn’t open it at all.🏋🏼)

Somehow the door slid off the track and completely fell into Aaron’s arms. Plain and simple – The garage door broke. There was no moving it nor fixing it.

IT. WAS. BROKE. 🤦🏼‍♀️

We were unable to get to anything in thing in or out of the shed. Including, our lawn mower and vintage pieces.

We quickly realized this issue would have to be addressed immediately. Heck, the grass needs to be cut!

Sunday’s plans changed. I was so disappointed to not work on the chicken coop. We went to Home Depot to buy supplies and Aaron began making barn doors for our old ugly shed.

I’m a person of planning then I like to stick to the plan at all cost. I was so upset about the plans being changed I stayed inside most of the day working on new pieces for Classic Cottage.

After a few hours, Aaron needed my help moving one of the doors.. Because I’m just so strong. 😂 🏋🏼‍♀️ At first glance I fell in love with these new doors! 😍 He did an amazing job!

The shed is still yucky but those barn doors have farm life written all over them.😊 I realized our home/land dream is a process. Sometimes the unexpected is good. I marched back outside and explained to Aaron despite the ugly shed I was going to purchase some dang magnolia wreaths and hang them proudly on those beautiful doors.

The whole structure isn’t perfect but the doors are so why not enjoy them! The unexpected isn’t always bad!
 Ps –  Our photographer is very creative and loved our old garage door! Go figure!!👆🏻





Summer Mantel on a Budget

The fireplace mantel is one space I love to swap up with each season – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

It was time to add a little something for Summer. As always, I like to thrift, thrift, thrift then splurge (a little). 🤑 So, basically I thrift so I can splurge on that one special piece!

Let’s get to it! Here how I styled my Summer Mantel.

I layered! Months ago I found the large vintage chalkboard at a local antique store for $10. So far, I’ve used it as an extra layer for each season. For this particular style I turned it vertical.

The large antique wooden frame was $2 last year at a yard sale. Note – I make no promises you’ll find one this cheap but you can find good deals on these! 😉 The frame adds a little detailed texture! The wall art resting inside of the frame came from Hobby Lobby.

Finally, I finished the ensemble off with plants! I found a killer deal on these Pottery Barn Olive branch trees at a thrift store. 😍$10 for the pair was an awesome deal! Then I found these old glass jars at an antique store for $1 each. I had leftover greenery from another project so I stuck some in each glass jars.

Price List:

Vintage Chalkboard – $10

Antique Frame – $2

Wall Art – $8

Olive Branch Trees – $10

Glass Jars – $4

Greenery – Free


A Day of Success

Saturday was a true day of success in Classic Cottage. As I’ve previously mentioned, I began my vintage booth in June of 2016. (You can read more of my story HERE) My very first check for June was around $700. I was so pleased. 😊 In fact, the day I brought my first check home I called each one of my family members to tell them I had actually made money and the future was looking bright.😁Looking back, I realize even then I had a strong passion for this industry.

Well, Saturday I was only $45 away from selling in one day the amount I sold my entire first month.  This is the highest day of sales in the history of my booth.

When I saw the total figure of what I had sold Saturday, I nearly began jumping up and down.👆🏻 👇🏻

I’ve been told you can’t judge the success of a business without proving it for a year or more. I have found this statement to be true. It’s been a year of sweat, tears, mistakes and success.

If you have a dream, work it. Go beyond giving 100% and try 200% of everything you’ve got. Obsess, invest, work hard and be creative. 👍🏻

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday night, peeps!! This week flew by so quickly. I’m ready for those weekend vibes though!✌🏻Here’s a few of my favorite items recently! 🤗
Gray Outdoor Patio Throw Pillow - Polyester - 18
Since the 4th of July has already passed, I’m needing to pack away my red, white and blue decor and add a few items to freshen up my porch area.😊 I’m specifically looking for items I can blend late Summer into fall.

Well, these Gray Outdoor Patio Throw Pillow by World Market are a great neutral and on sale for $4.99 online. (Click the link/picture above to see for yourself!)

This. Is. Good. 👍🏻 Donut Shop Vanilla Cream Puff K-Cup Coffee  is one of my favorite types of coffee. Each morning it brews and smells heavenly. 😇 You will think you’ve entered a donut shop as it’s brewing but it’s not too sweet! Love it!

I’m still loving my metal laundry basket. 😍 I found mine at an antique store but there’s good news for you – Amazon offers these too!! Obviously, they aren’t vintage, but goodness they’re NEATO!

The Description says “laundry basket” but I use both of mine for blankets and pillows. (Yes, I said both.. I have two) To read more about this item click 👉🏻 HERE!

These are unique and reasonably priced! 

Classic Cottage Expansion

This weekend I expanded my vintage booth! After a month of prepping and talking it over, we finally expanded to a larger space. It took nearly the entire weekend to get the details worked out.

Shout out to my amazing sweet handsome husband for designing a great space with all of my favorite colors – wood, white and black. 😍

Saturday – Aaron bolted in some pipes and added some wooden beams while I painted the walls with my favorite color.❤️ (White Dove by Benjamin Moore) If you know me, you realize this is my ideal weekend.

Sunday – Before I knew it we were finishing off with the details.  Again, if you know me, you know I love finishing details. ☺️ I intertwined lace and tulle throughout the metal piped while Aaron made the sign.

I’ll be honest, while I was on the ladder spreading tulle and lace as a canopy over my booth, the nerves set in! 😕 I began thinking – What if this space was a bad idea? Does the lace match the wood? (What kinda cray cray question is that??) Also, what if I can’t keep this larger space full?

We were just about ready to start staging yet I had the coldest feet ever. 😬

I looked over at the sign my husband bought me and had just finished nailing my new name to. And I realized he believed in me. I realized I had friends watching me and supporting Classic Cottage. I realized my family was proud of me.

I began to think of the customers. Expecting moms buying for their baby’s nursery. Brides buying decor for their wedding day. Newlyweds splurging on that first major purchase together. A daughter buying a little gift for her mother. Parents sending their kids off with just the right piece for his/her apartment.

Expanding has been such an exciting time for me! 😊 No matter the stage of life, I want Classic Cottage to be an enjoyable experience!

Thanks so much for your support! 😘


(Had to show this pic Aaron snapped.. this is the first time I stepped back to see the new space after staging.)




To read more about my vintage booth click here!👇🏻

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3 Adorable Tea Towels!

This girl loves happy mail! 👉🏻 🙋🏼 I know I’m not the only one! I’m always on the look out for unique affordable items I’ll use in my home. Each time I get a package it feels like Christmas morning! 😂

Recently, I found these adorable tea towels. (Which I always have these hanging around my kitchen) These little cuties make the perfect happy mail!

Adorable! Funny! Gotta have it for Summer!!! 😂 This Kinda Pissed About Not Being A Mermaid Cotton Kitchen Dish Towel  is too cute and perfect for your Summer decor! 😊 Totally makes me smile!
Aww, this Everything Is Better in a Mason Jar Tea Towel is too cute! 😍 It screams farmhouse style!
I love shopping local and also supporting small shops, so I’m all about supporting the local farmer!! 👍🏻 This little towel is adorable. Again, this one is perfect for farmhouse/cottage/rustic style!

Alright, that’s my blog for today! Hope you enjoyed it. 😘 Now go order yourself some happy mail!!

Front Porch Decor – 4th of July

Despite the heat, don’t you just love Summer Holidays?!? (That Alabama heat kills me sometimes.🤒) I Especially love The Fourth of July because it celebrates our wonderful country. 🇺🇸

Nearly every evening Aaron and I sit on our front porch. It’s sorta our “down time”. We truly enjoy this space but to be honest I thew this spot together on a major budget!

I found the little wooden table at a thrift store for $4 and this swing at a yard sale for $15. 🤑 These two items are my anchor pieces. After setting those in place I filled in with the “little” details.


I grabbed some clay pots and stacked them to add color variety. (I found these in a shed at an Estate sale. However, you could probably find some in your yard or in a relative’s yard.) 😉

During our nightly chats on the front porch, I sometimes get cold. I grabbed an extra blanket I had in my house and swung it over the swing. This blanket adds texture to the space.

Every porch obviously needs a plant so I got a little furry looking green plant from Home Depot. 🌿

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the galvanized watering tin! 😍 It was my one “splurge” on the porch! I paid $20 for it at an antique store!

This is the base of my porch decor… but…. I wanted to add a few things to celebrate the July 4th. 🇺🇸 So, here’s what I did!

I ordered a pillow from Decor Steals and grabbed a few American Flags from the thrift store. Btw – the flags were only $0.50 each! Popped the flags in the clay pots and threw the pillow on the swing. BAM, you have 4th of July decorations!


My Colorful Ottoman

Yes, if you’ve seen a picture of my nearly all neutral living room, you know it has a loud color in the very center. I love white but I also love the unexpected. 😉

I get many messages about my ottoman and I’m going to answer the number one question – Where did it come from? It’s actually from World Market!!

I bought it from World Market about two years ago and although it’s a statement color in my white/wood tone home, I haven’t grown tired of this piece! ☺️ The color and velvety texture gives a nice pop.

The style of this piece is timeless. 👌🏻 I would consider it classy/glamorous style yet it fits well in our french country style farmhouse.

Also, like I said we’ve had it around two years and it looks the same as the day we got it! 😍 This ottoman has totally held up!


So, there’s a little about the ottoman many of you have asked about! If you think this beautiful piece can find a spot in your home, it’s your lucky day because World Market is running a sale on this ottoman online!!

Click 👉🏻 here 👈🏻 to check it out!! 😘