5 Tips on Starting Your Own Antique Booth

Over the past week, I’ve wrote several times about my vintage booth. Since I absolutely love my job, I’m extremely passionate about the subject. 😊 Several readers have expressed interest in opening an antique booth in the future. I wanted to share 5 tips on starting your own antique booth.

I never want to discourage any of you but I must give you a warning.. 🤚🏻 If you think picking is easy money, it’s not. It’s fun money but it requires work!! Having an antique booth is easy but making actual money from it will require work. I work well over full time between my blog and booth. 👩🏼‍💻 🏃🏼‍♀️

It’s also physical. Two weeks ago I could barely move because I had lifted a crazy amount of furniture. 🏋🏼‍♀️ Also, I’m running from place to place on my “picking days”. 🏃🏼‍♀️ It’s physical and dirty but goodness is it fun!!

Here’s a few tips you need to know!

1 – Research a Good Antique Mall

This tip is number one! ☝🏻 You need to find a quality antique mall/store! Do your homework on that store. Find out if they have steady traffic during the week and if they’re busy on the weekend. (Be a creepy spy. 🙄)

Find out your booth limitations. For instance – Structure wise,  I can do just about anything in my booth space so long as it’s not permanent and no more than 2 feet above the dividing wall.

In other word, I have complete freedom to display how I wish!


2 – Begin a Stock Pile

You need a large amount of inventory. Like I said in a previous blog, space is money. 👉🏻 5 Mistakes I Made During the First Year of my Antique Booth. Buy as much as you can with as little as you have. 🤑 On a side note –  Don’t buy it if you can’t double your money. Your booth needs to be full on opening day because first impressions are everything! (Warning- I’m about to sound like a creeper again 🙄 🤡) Also, I’ve observed “new booths” sell more during their first two weeks!! It’s odd but people are curious about new booths so they pay closer attention. 

3 – Design a Beautiful Space

The primary goal is to grab the attention of shoppers as they walk by your space! Add some florals, lace, signs or wood to make your booth pretty. I made several trips to Hobby Lobby (😍) before opening day.

4 – Begin Social Media Page for Your Booth

You have to connect with customers! Post pictures of your pretty items. 😍 You would be shocked the number of sales I’ve made because of Facebook. I try my best to keep the Classics of Opelika Page current!

Be sure to invite all your friends to “like” it!! 😉


5 – Find Your Style and Stick With It

My advice is to use the style you love! For instance – my booth style is french country farmhouse. Also, my home is mostly french farmhouse. (You can click HERE to see more of my home.) I use that style because I love it. 😍

Eventually your customers will recognize a style as yours, and they will begin expecting you to always have it!

When determining the style for your booth, go with the one you’re totally are passionate about. 👍🏻 All in all, those pieces will stick out to you while you’re “picking”. Example – If I see an old wooden table, I’m immediately in love. However, if my husband spots a midcentury shelf, he’s going to start reaching for his wallet.

Hope this blog helps you in your vintage booth adventure!! 😘

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5 Mistakes I Made During the First Year of my Antique Booth

5 Mistakes I Made During the First Year of my Antique Booth

Wow, I never dreamed these blogs about my antique booth would be such a hit!! Many of you seemed interested in the previous blogs – My One Year Booth Anniversary and 5 Secrets From the First Year of my Vintage Booth. I’ve decide to make this topic a mini series! 😊 Who knew the life of a Picker was interesting?!?

As I’ve recently said, this month marks the one year anniversary of my booth. I would like to share 5 mistakes I made during the first year of my antique booth. 😫 During the beginning of this journey, I had no clue what I was doing. Here’s a few mistakes I made!👇🏻

1 – Not Having Enough Items 

The more items you have, the better your chances are to sell. Think of it this way, for each item you add there’s more of a chance for a buyer to stop at your booth.

Example – Monday someone may be in the market for a galvanized bucket yet I didn’t put a bucket in my booth until Tuesday because I didn’t want a “crowded booth”.. Well, I lost a sale and a potential regular customer. 🤷🏼‍♀️  I’ve spent many hours observing people in antique malls (Goodness, this makes me sound like a freak!🤦🏼‍♀️) and I’ve noticed people like really full booths! 🤔 If you’ve got it and there’s room to be made, put it in the booth! Make room. Get creative.

2 – Putting High Dollar Items Towards the Front

Yikes, this mistake is killer!! I’ve tested it and lost a full day on sales. Buyers spot a high price tag and immediately form a negative opinion. ☹️ Although it’s not intentional, buyers will base your entire booth off that one high tag. Your “killer deal” items should go to the front. 👉🏻 This strategy lures a customer in the booth!!

3 – Thinking I have “Down Time’

In this industry, there is no “down time’. If you’re not busy, you will lose momentum. After you lose momentum, your booth will loose momentum. During April, I had a scary slow down.😔 I tried to take advantage of the “down time” and be lazy. This decision made slow get even slower.

I realized I had to get myself together and do something. I went through every closet, local thrift store and yard sale. 🏃🏼‍♀️ I had to get productive. I began painting, creating and rearranging my booth. Daily. The need to do/create became so strong, so I began taping book pages to the walls.  I began posting on the Classic Facebook Page several times a day. I realized – if I forgot about my booth, then everyone else would too! Needless to say, my work paid off in May.

4 – Looking for too Many Project Pieces

Time is money. The more time you spend on a piece, the more money you’ve got into it. Therefore, your customers have to pay a higher price tag. Deals are what keep customers coming back to your booth. 😉 I can’t give a good deal on a piece I’ve spent 4 hours painting. Look for pieces you don’t have to paint. 

With that being said, I still have pieces I fix/paint. Key – Know your limits. For instance, it takes me no time to paint a wooden chest or coffee table, yet it takes me forever to paint two tier side tables. Quick pieces are what you need to spot and buy!

5 – Being too Hard on Myself/Comparing 

Hustle and put your all into picking and flipping but don’t get too hard on yourself. If you made a bad buy and you’re stuck with an item or lost money, it’s okay! Learn from the experience and move forward. If something breaks during your hustle, it’s okay. If you had a killer day in sales and your booth is empty, BE HAPPY!! 🙂 (Don’t freak out like I do!)

Finally, it’s easy to do in this industry but stay away from comparing. For instance- Just because one person sells radios nonstop, doesn’t mean you’re going to sale your radio in two days. Sometimes vendors specialize in specific areas and they’ve already built a strong customer base.

Don’t be jealous if someone added something special to their booth! Remember, they’re actually helping you because it draws more people to the store.😉

Don’t be offended if someone copies your idea on stage/decor. This only means they LOVE what you did!! 😍 Take it as a compliment and move forward!

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5 Secrets From the First Year of my Vintage Booth

Well, this one year booth anniversary is really inspiring me to write. Last night I posted  a blog called My One Year Booth Anniversary.. Ha, I might turn this into a “mini series” of post! 😉 Also, I want to say THANK YOU for all the positive feedback I got from the blog post last night. Apparently y’all like reading about pickers, flippers and vintage junk!!

Today I want to share 5 secrets I’ve learned in my first year of having a vintage booth! Hope you enjoy!! 😘

1- Utilize Every Inch

Space in an antique mall isn’t cheap, so use every inch wisely! 😉 I try to display my items in a stacked sorta way! For instance – If I’m selling a kitchen table, I’ll stack a side table on the kitchen table then add a wooden stool to the side table. Before you know it, I’ve stacked three pieces. My favorite way to display is vertically. 😍 This trick also draws attention to our booth!


2- Don’t be Afraid of Little Items

I aim to stock under $5 items at all times. 🤚🏻 These are the items that keep your customers coming back. The goal – No matter when their payday is they can afford something adorable. You would actually be surprised at how those small items add up at the end of the day and you’ll have a customer that remembers your booth next time. 

3- Always Have Extra Pieces

If you have a full booth, you still need to be picking because your full booth could empty in one Saturday afternoon. Again, the real estate of an antique mall is high, so you don’t need to have an empty space in your booth for long. Empty space equals empty $$$. 🤑

Also, there have been times when the picking is bare and you can’t find anything good. We live in a college town and the students love to buy vintage pieces in August. That’s great.. However, this situation means every other picker in my area will be selling out and looking for more. The picking will be bare. It’s June and I’m already putting pieces aside for August.

4- On the Other Hand Rejoice When it Sells Out

Here’s a tip I recently learned. I had a high selling May and completely wiped out my stock pile! I began to panick. 😫 I would buy more, display it in my booth and the next day it would sale. I was on a true role. I expressed how concerned and overwhelmed I was to Aaron and he said I should be happy. He explained, if I’ve sold everything in my booth and in my back up stock, I’ve reached my highest potential and I should be happy. 🙂

I was caught up in having my booth full around the clock and I failed to rejoice that I had reached my highest potential. Tip – Hustle your brains out but don’t be too hard on yourself. 🏃🏼‍♀️ You cannot do the impossible.

5- Rearrange At Least Once a Week

This tip is completely proven and you’ll probably not make it in the antique industry if you don’t do it. Rearrange, Rearrange, Rearrange. If something big sells, rearrange. If nothing is selling, rearrange. If you’re bringing in new pieces, heck- why not rearrange!?! 😉

At least once a week Aaron and I completely move everything around in my booth. (Gotta use his muscles 💪🏻😏) This trick keeps your space looking fresh.

Example – I had a side table which had been in the booth for a few weeks. I put it front/center of my booth and it sold the same day.

Alright, so there’s 5 secrets I’ve learned during the first year of my vintage booth!! 😘

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My One Year Booth Anniversary

This month marks one year since I began my antique booth. 😊 Allow me to say, I’m so thankful to every person who has supported and encouraged me during this journey.

I began my booth in a 60 sq ft space. Keep in mind when selling furniture 60 sq ft is not much space but I was so thankful and proud of each inch. I’m embarrassed to admit, but during the weeks leading up to my opening I arranged a “practice area” in my guest room to layout exactly how I would arrange everything. (So nerdy 🤓) In fact, opening day I drove my entire family nuts begging them to come see my “mini shop”. 😂

I had zero money set aside when I began, so in the beginning I bought many of my items for under a dollar. Haha, I “invested” in a few $15 dollar pieces too.🤑 The rest of my money went to making the booth look pretty – rug, ribbon and Hobby Lobby greenery.

Here’s a picture of my opening day. 👉🏻   

With that being said, my first month’s check was over $700. 😆 I was so proud. Aaron had prepared me for the worse saying, “expect to go in the hole you’re first three months at least.” Don’t get the wrong impression, he was actually trying to encourage me.. 😉

Since June of 2016, it’s honestly been an uphill journey for me! Each month my check grew and I was having so much fun!!

During the Fall of 2016, I was still working my assistant job at a hair salon. (I had worked there since I was 16 years old) Aaron saw my insane passion for junk and encouraged me to take my antique booth on full force, so I slowly transitioned out of my 8 year assistant job and began flipping antiques full time!!

Before I knew it, Classic began running out of room!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ So we expanded in November of 2016. Just so you know, the Holiday season is a scary time to expand but it worked out great. Again, my sweet amazing Husband was there along for the ride and came up with a simple design for my booth. 😏 From the first day of this move, my daily sales doubled!!

Here’s me the weekend I expanded. 👉🏻  

So, here we are again.. Yesterday I announced we’re expanding yet again to a bigger space! Again, Aaron and I are designing a layout and we’re so excited to see what the future holds!


  👈🏻 Recently at Classic!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hi Friends! We’re one week from Father’s Day. It’s nearly time to tell dad how special he is. Here’s some gift ideas for you!! ☺️

Yes, it’s the Father’s Day Distance Mug!! I posted one very similar for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  and many of you seemed to love it!! My daddy raised three girls, so he has a very soft side. Trust me – if he received this mug in the mail, it would totally make his day. (Even though he’s not a fan of coffee, he’d save it for his hot chocolate 😂)

Confession – the distance mug is more of my big sister’s style.. However, this adorable mug is totally me. I could have this anonymously delivered to daddy and he would immediately know who it came from! 😂 Also, this item is eligible for Amazon Prime so you can have it shipped directly to his home – not that I’m trying to be cheap when it comes to dad.. 😉

I’d like to call this Dad’s Saturday shirtMy dad wears soft tees every Saturday so he’d love this shirt!! It’s adorable and also eligible for Amazon Prime!!

Again, maybe it’s because dad spent nearly his entire adult life in a house full of girls, my dad loves candles. 😍 Here’s a masculine Set of Soy Candles each one sounds amazing!!
Himalayan Salt-Plate: Pink by World Market

Shhh.. Here’s what my puppies, Rhett and Ellen, are giving their daddy. The puppies just want to thank their daddy for all the kisses, food and water he gives them throughout the year. 😉 Sometimes Aaron gets in the mood to cook and he’s all about trying news things in the kitchen. I really think he’ll enjoy a Salt Plate from World Market.

Just remember next Sunday is about celebrating all the wonderful dads in our lives. Be sure to let your dad, grandfather and maybe husband know how much they mean to you!

Thanks for reading my blog! 😘

Thrift Painting Makeover

Recently, I’ve learned about another treasure you can find at thrift stores!! Beautiful paintings!! 😍 Yes, all that time and love someone invested into a painting ends up at a thrift store. 😕 Sad, but good for me, right?

Helpful Hint – Look for the paintings where you can get lost in the scene. For me, this is a scene of farm land or a cozy house.☺️

If you can stare at the picture and get lost daydreaming, buy it. 👍🏻 That means you’ll love it in your home.

Weeks ago, I spotted another beautiful oil painting at a thrift store for $11. It was lovely, but the wooden frame wasn’t doing much for it. I painted the wooden frame and the picture came to life!

Here’s how I painted the frame –

First, I taped the edges of the picture with painter’s tape I found in our “junk drawer”. (Random question – Does everyone have a junk drawer?) 🤔

Second, I lightly coated the frame with Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalk Paint. Even though I taped the edges of the painting, to not get much paint on the tape because I didn’t want any chalk paint soaking through.

Finally, once the paint is dried I went through with sandpaper and lightly distressed the frame to show the wood. This trick adds a little character to the frame and helps blend in the chalk paint.Tada, it’s beautiful!! Here’s another $5 painting where I painted the frame.👇🏻

Also, here’s another canvas I found at a thrift store for $3.👇🏻

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Btw – Here’s the link to the chalk paint brush I ALWAYS use 👉🏻 here

Change Your Living Room on a Budget

Don’t like your furniture? On a budget? I’ve totally been there!!

Fall of 2016, I was growing tired of our red couch set. 😔 Keep in mind, this furniture was a “hand me down” from my parents, so these pieces had been around since I was 15 years old.

I was needing a change but wasn’t quite ready to purchase new furniture. 🤑 I explored my options and decided to give white slipcovers a try.🤔

This decision totally changed the style of my living room! 😁 I purchased a relaxed fit slipcover on Amazon. Our furniture is an odd shape so that’s why I decided to go with a relax fit. Immediately our living room felt larger and more dreamy. 😍

Not only are slipcovers great for changing your look, they are also perfect for covering furniture in rough shape. 👍🏻

So, if you’re on a budget and desiring a change I highly recommend investing in slipcovers!  👇🏻

👉🏻 Click here to see the slipcover I used on my loveseat.

👉🏻 Click here to see the slipcover I used on my chair.

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Okay, I thought everyone knew about these DIY drop cloth curtains.. However, I get messages all the time asking where I found the curtains throughout my home. Well, I made my curtains with supplies from the hardware store. (Or Amazon 😉)

Please note – I did not come up with this genius idea. In fact, I read about it in an amazing book called A Touch of Farmhouse Charm. 👉🏻 You can read more about this book HERE!You’ll Need –

2 6×9 Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains

Pack of Black Metal Curtain Clips (This pack is enough for several sets 😉)


What You’ll Do – 

Iron the drop cloth.

Fold the drop cloth down along the top. (This step is optional..)

Clip the metal clips along the top of the canvas drop cloth.

Slide clips on your curtain rod!!!

Finally, DM me a picture so I can see what a pretty job you did!! 😘PS – CLICK HERE to see where I get my curtain rods!

Friday Favorites

Yay, for another weekend!! 🤗 I’ve got some really exciting products I’ve been loving recently! A total random combo but let’s talk a little about boxwood, nail color and meat choppers.. Like I said completely random combo! 😂

In the decor world of 2017, anything green is well loved! 😍 In fact, you’ll notice a lot of white, wood and (fake or real) plants. It’s very trendy yet timeless. Growing up my mother always said, “Every room needs something green” and she was right. 🌿 Green represents life.   

So, I want to bring this adorable boxwood initial to your attention! I ordered one off Amazon and absolutely love it. (Helpful Hint – Amazon has great prices on boxwood.)  I’ve found several places for this “B” boxwood throughout my home. Honestly, it looks good anywhere.

I love using boxwood in my home for Summer!! Btw –  You can order other letters. 😉 B is for Bowman.

So, before writing this blog I literally just got back from the nail salon and I must say I’ve found a new BFF. 💅🏼

Me and this OPI Nail Color are going to be BEST Friends all Summer long!! 😍 😍 It’s called Funny Bunny by OPI and I’m obsessed.

Okay, now we’re getting real random, my friend! I just can’t go one more day without telling you how amazing this Kitchen Utensil is.. I feel I owe it to you. 🙌🏻It’s a utensil used for ground meat.

This. Will. Make. Your. Life. Better.

Again, thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful weekend!! 😘

My Favorite Rugs

Rugs. Seem simple, huh? Well, they actually make the room! 👌🏻 When I look for a rug I have one goal in mind☝🏻- texture! Yes, rugs can cozy up a room but they can also add much needed texture.

I get Direct Messages all the time about my rugs. Here’s my favorite rugs and where I found them!! 😉

Gray Moroccan Jute Boucle Emy Area Rug - 8' x 10' by World Market 8Ftx10Ft

This Gray Moroccan Area Rug by World Market is in my bedroom and I’ve been very please with it! 😌 This rug adds a nice pattern on our hardwood floor. Also, it’s eligible for free shipping!! 😉

Bleached Ivory Basket Weave Jute Rug: Natural - 6' x 9' by World Market 6Ftx9Ft

We have this Bleached Ivory Jute Rug by World Market in our living room. On a side note – it’s much whiter in person. I absolutely love the airy vibe this rug brings! 😍 This rug is also eligible for free shipping. 😉

I found this rug at a thrift store a few months ago for $15. It’s perfect for my farmhouse style. 😍 As I’ve said before, I find jute rugs at thrift stores all the time. Click here to read more!! 😘