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Yay, for another weekend!! 🤗 I’ve got some really exciting products I’ve been loving recently! A total random combo but let’s talk a little about boxwood, nail color and meat choppers.. Like I said completely random combo! 😂

In the decor world of 2017, anything green is well loved! 😍 In fact, you’ll notice a lot of white, wood and (fake or real) plants. It’s very trendy yet timeless. Growing up my mother always said, “Every room needs something green” and she was right. 🌿 Green represents life.   

So, I want to bring this adorable boxwood initial to your attention! I ordered one off Amazon and absolutely love it. (Helpful Hint – Amazon has great prices on boxwood.)  I’ve found several places for this “B” boxwood throughout my home. Honestly, it looks good anywhere.

I love using boxwood in my home for Summer!! Btw –  You can order other letters. 😉 B is for Bowman.

So, before writing this blog I literally just got back from the nail salon and I must say I’ve found a new BFF. 💅🏼

Me and this OPI Nail Color are going to be BEST Friends all Summer long!! 😍 😍 It’s called Funny Bunny by OPI and I’m obsessed.

Okay, now we’re getting real random, my friend! I just can’t go one more day without telling you how amazing this Kitchen Utensil is.. I feel I owe it to you. 🙌🏻It’s a utensil used for ground meat.

This. Will. Make. Your. Life. Better.

Again, thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful weekend!! 😘


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