DIY Stair Rail Painting

Staircase, you make such a small statement in a big way! Before we knew much about stain (and our knowledge is still limited 🙄) my husband stained the handrail and balusters of our staircase. 😩 Let’s just say, the stain turned out to be extremely dark. If you follow my insta, you know I love wood but this was not a pretty color.

It was time to do something… 🤔

I painted it plain-Jane white in three simple steps and it looks beautiful! Also, Everything I used I found in my broom closet.

Step 1

Clean the entire surface. Don’t skip this easy step! Why? Getting dust and dead insects in paint isn’t fun.

I did everything freehand but if you need to tape off with painters tape now would be the time.

Step 2

Apply TWO coats of primer on the baluster and handrail. Don’t forget underneath the handrail. I started at the base of the baluster then worked my way up but you can do it however. I allowed the each coat of primer to dry one hour.

This is the primer I used, but you can use any primer. I chose this one because it’s what we already had in the broom closet and I like to save moolah. 🤑

Step 3

It’s time to paint! Paint the baluster and handrail the color of your choice. Again, don’t forget underneath the handrail.

I chose Cameo White by Behr Marquee because it’s my absolute favorite white and I already had some on hand. Also, I totally swear by Behr Marquee because it’s the best paint ever.


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