Classic Cottage Co.

Classic Cottage has Exciting NEWS!!

Classic is expanding… AGAIN!! Yes, I previously wrote a post about Classic Cottage expanding to a larger space. That expansion took place July 1st. It’s been wonderful!🤗

But here we go AGAIN!

It’s mid August and we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to expand again!! 😊 I gave a “hint, hint” a few weeks ago on my Instagram. However, I didn’t explain why or give any details – when or where!

My sweet friend/mentor, Ana, recently opened her own store in Opelika, Alabama. 😍 It’s called The French Flamingo. Classic will be expanding to a room in the French Flamingo beginning August 15th. We are so very excited to join Ana and expand to multiple locations.

The French Flamingo is a beautiful store located near the downtown area of Opelika, Al. Ana has poured her heart and soul into making this store beautiful and affordable. 😍 I plan to follow Ana’s example and make my small room within the store beautiful and affordable.

With the beautiful detailed furniture, chandeliers and treasures, The French Flamingo is a very “Classy” place. So I feel Classic will fit right in!👍🏻

If you’re local to the Auburn/Opelika area, please stop by and be delighted by this beautiful store.

Again, thanks to many of you I’m able to chase this dream!  Thanks for supporting me!


Karlee Bowman ♥️

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