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    Preparing for Christmas at Thanksgiving

    Yep, I know it’s a debate. Truthfully I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I’m talking about the topic of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving Day. Let me start by saying, it’s all about the traditions and what makes your heart happy. For this reason, my halls are already decked for the season on Thanksgiving.  In my mind, Nov 1 bErin’s the whole season of Jolliness. Part of this is because it’s how I was raised, so it’s tradition. Growing up, our home would already be decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day. It felt so festive! This week I’ve been asked several times if it was okay to…

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    One Final October Weekend

    So we’re approaching the end of October, sadly! No worries – more fun months are to come. However, I want to embrace every last moment of the month and all it’s fun festive charm! Since Aaron and I don’t have children yet, this post is geared to those adults who are without kiddos yet still wanna be festive! There’s no way we can fit all of these ideas into the next remaining days but this will hopefully get your festive mind going!! To Do 1- Go to The Pumpkin Patch   Yep, there’s still time! 2 – Binge watch scary or not really thaaaaaat scary movies.  Aaron and I LOVE doing this! …

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    Our Beach Vacation Recap

    Feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to take on the WORLD! Ha, it’s amazing what a little R&R can do. Aaron and I really enjoyed our trip to Orange Beach, Al. Some people have asked what we did while we were there and the answer is sit by the water with books and shades. (Thank the Lord I married someone who loves to read while on vacation) I read The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager and it was a good beach read( (if you like phycological thrillers).   Aaron and I visit the same vacation towns over and over and we also eat at the same places in those towns…

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    Summer Bucket List

    It’s June so Summer time is pretty much here! I want to share my Summer bucket list with y’all!! 1 – Eat lots of watermelon. 2 – Watch fireworks. 2 – Go to the beach. 3 – Finish working on the powder room project. 4 – Read a “beach read”. 5 – Go out for ice cream. 6 – Make fresh homemade lemonade. 7 – Have a picnic. 8 – Go to a movie. 9 – Decorate our home for the 4th of July. 10 – Have a board game night.

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    Week Vibes

    It’s Memorial Day weekend! Wow, Summer time is nearly here. I’m so thankful for those who gave their lives for my freedom. We’re already enjoying our long weekend. Let’s get to the highlights this week!  • We sketched out a rough drawing to remodel our half bath down stairs. In fact, Aaron is working on it now!! • Over the weekend, I ordered pumpkin seeds. (Don’t kill me for already talking about pumpkins.. you’ve got to plant them within a few weeks in order to have some by Fall. Here’s the pumpkin seeds we ordered – CLICK HERE • Aaron planted some watermelons. Yay!! • Remember the liquid lip color…

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    Flowers & Flags – Memorial Day

    Let me start by saying, I’m so very thankful for those who have given their life for my freedom. In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to add a little red, white & blue around the house. I was going to do a patriotic table scape but truth be told we’ll be around the grill and very laid back. So I just added some patriotic touches here and there.. Simple enough, I grabbed some fresh flowers from the grocery store and little flags from a thrift store. (You can find these little flag just about anywhere) The bright red, white and blue on the flags are great contrast in…

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