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    Pancake Party for 3!

    Weekend brunch, anyone? We had my little sister Kelbee last weekend so we treated her to a nice little pancake party. Pancakes are so fun to serve because everyone can garnish them however they’d like and they can be so pretty! It’s easy to make something that’s usually ordinary into something exciting! Even my 28 year old husband was looking forward to this colorful brunch. All it takes is adding a few extras and displaying it nicely! Grab the fresh strawberries and pour the orange juice into a cute pitcher. We like options! Syrup, strawberry syrup and local to Alabama Golden Eagle syrup were poured into glass cups. Strawberries and…

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    Showing Real Life While Growing an Instagram

    I recently realized the key to making my photos look like our actual home. Yep, ACTUAL home. Because we do live here! It’s all in the little details, friends. Bread, candles and mammals. Do you ever wonder what sets some photos apart from others? I did for quite a while. It’s when the photo/space looks live-able. Y’all, there’s a reason magazines pour lemonade in fancy glasses for their photos hoots. That glass of lemonade makes us feel like we could sit for a spell and enjoy life on someone else’s porch.   Placing food in a dining room or in kitchen is a perfect example of this! Some of my highest performing…

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    3 Tips for being a GIRL BOSS

    For years people didn’t take my hustle seriously. I set a few guidelines for myself so I would take myself seriously. Instead of focusing on the negativity, I decided to respect the hustle. Skip the unvalued opinions.  From the moment I began my side hustle, total strangers would freely give their opinion about my pricing. Deep down, I knew what I was doing and went with my gut. Good thing I did because my low prices are what grabbed attention and built my now local customer base. People will always give their opinion about your business. Learn to skip it, brush it off, and listen to the trusted opinions only.…

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    Highs & Lows – 2018

    Farewell, 2018. Hello, 2019. It was a good year. Fast but good! Here’s a few moments that really stand out to me when thinking back on 2018. I turned 25 – High Wow, am I really an actual grown up? Yep. I turned 25 on January 25th 2018. I even wrote a post about it –25 Life Lessons for 25! Aaron & Kelbee made this day special for me. Classic Cottage Co. Expanded… AGAIN!! – High Yep, we had the opportunity to expand the space we we’re currently renting so we did so! This gave our customers a little extra room to shop while allowing us to stage more inventory.…

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    Be Careful What You Teach Your Children

    If it hadn’t of been for my mother, I wouldn’t have this career. Seriously. I think about it often this time of year. Why? Because every October and November she would drag me out to every flea mall/ antique store in and around our area and make me hunt for every vintage Santa mug, pitcher or cookie jar I could find. On the regular – she would take me to yard sales and estate sales. At a young age, mom taught me how to hunt. Eventually, I developed an eye for things I liked and I would put them away in my hope chest. Mom drilled me to look for…

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    Classic Cottage Online

    Yep, we’re now offering an online store. Y’all, I can’t express how excited/nervous I am to have this online store. We’ve had countless requests over the past year to list items online. Aaron and I have been working on to set it up here and there during brief moments between our hustle since early Spring. Last Tuesday on the way to our friend’s house for dinner, we pressed the “go live” button and launched Classic Cottage Online. Yep, we were in the truck for this magical moment. Ha, there’s no time like the present time. We began with one single item. Within minutes 5 people had it in their cart. Less…

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    Sweet Little Furry Surprise

    She’s sweet, cute and altogether a little energy ball. It’s been a month since we found our new little furry surprise. I can’t believe I’m just now writing about it. Her name is Priscilla Lemon Bowman. Also known as WeeWee. It was late one evening and I opened the back door to our deck. That’s when I spotted her. Within 5 minutes Aaron had captured her. She made a really sad kitty cry so we gave her a small bowl of milk. This is the night Priscilla become part of our family. Since then she has adjusted well to Rhett, Ellen and Oscar and thankfully they have adjusted well to…

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    Week Vibes

    Yesterday we spent all morning and early afternoon picking for Classic Cottage Co. then I took a MUCH needed LONG nap. Meanwhile Aaron worked on recording some new tunes. Btw, can’t wait for y’all to hear what he’s about to release!! Other Highlights • I finished one of the most beautiful dresser & chest sets. • One of my most favorite brands reached out to partner together.. more on that coming soon! • I got behind on laundry (Yep, it happens even for those of us without children) and chose to not feel guilty about it. • Just learned spaghetti sq

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    Week Vibes

    Happy Sunday! The Summer is flying by. In fact, Aaron and I just booked a quick Summer getaway a few hours ago!! Yesssssss!! June was good to us. After my sister left town last Sunday, I had the Monday blues. So I threw myself into work and reading books as hard as I could to get my mind off missing my sisters. I was determined to end June with a big bang business wise & it paid off. Classic Cottage ended June strong. Other Highlights • Aaron made good progress on our powder room downstairs. • I finished one of the best books I’ve read in the past year. It’s called…

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    Week Vibes

    Happy Sunday evening! The hugest highlight of my week was seeing my older sister Kayla and her family. Kayla lives 12 hours away so this is a rare occasion. She also brought her 8 month old daughter, Emmy Kay. It’s been an incredible week. Other Highlights • Aaron played at the Mason Jar in Auburn last Saturday night! • We found two more kittens. Yep, our little kitten has brothers. We’re in the process of finding homes for the other two babies. • Emmy Kay (my niece) came to Alabama for the first time. She had her very first taste of Auburn’s specialty, lemonade from Toomer’s Drugs. • September Ocean…

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