Memorial Day Menu

Memorial Day is a few days away! We’re hosting Aaron’s family on Friday & having a BBQ. I love my country and therefore love to observe every patriotic holiday.

Here’s Our Menu


Fresh Fruit

Spinach Artichoke Dip

On the Grill

Smoked Boston Butt

Portabella Mushroom Burgers


Pasta Salad

Baked Beans


More Fruit

Homemade Ice Cream

We just recently learned not all of the family is able to make it.. so we’ve scaled back this menu just a bit. HOWEVER, we’re still planning on having a good ol’ time!

Stay tuned.. I’ll be posting some quick Memorial Day decor soon!!

Week Vibes

We had such a wonderful week. My little sister Kelbee came to Auburn to spend a few days at our house. We very much enjoy when she’s at our house because she brings a balance to our crazy schedule. For example, 9pm dinners are no longer acceptable when a 10 year old is around.

To read a more about Kelbee’s visit click here to check out Nighttime Prayers.

Other small highlights this week 

• I’ve been reading the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon since January. I finished book #4 this week and it was Ahhhhmazing!

• I took Tuesday off! It’s extremely rare for me to take a day off.. other than an occasional Sunday. I wanted to spend time with Kelbee so I took the whole day off on Tuesday.

• I realized my 10 year old little sister knows more about make up than me! Ever heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lips?? Kelbee got me to try this awesome new lipstick and it stays on for hours. Love it!! Click here to learn more.

• We bought plants! Last weekend Aaron and I bought some plants for our side porch off the kitchen. We got lots of herbs, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and a hanging basket of strawberries.

• As far as the booth business goes, we had a few slower days this week. However, on Friday night it picked up. I was working in my booth and was able to make the sale of 6 larger pieces within a 2 hour span.

• Favorite casual black slides sandals are on sell for $11.21 right now. So time to grab some!!

I have another special post about decorating with pots coming up soon so stay tuned & have a happy weekend! 


Nighttime Prayers

I’m a firm believer in watching and listening for signs. Throughout life there are many signals that we must listen to in order to navigate our life. For example, I’ve always view sickness (personally) as a sign to my body I MUST slow down. Signs can be both physical and spiritual.

We’ve had the joy of keeping my little sister, Kelbee, for a few days. It’s amazing how the most simple innocent words from a 10 year old can make you take about 10 steps back and say WOAH to yourself.

My little sister always says her nighttime prayers. (Which I think is commendable of a 10 year old) My parents always repeated a little simple prayer with all three of us daughters before going to sleep. Over time the prayer has evolved.

Tonight – Kelbee ended her prayer with something like this.. “& Jesus, help Karlee get ALLLLL her work done tomorrow and not be stressed out so she can spend time with me. Amen” 

I took this as a sign.

This was a big sign saying slow down and stop. I obviously love to work. Aaron and I both live and breathe work. As a 25 year old entrepreneur, work is how I enjoy spending time and it’s also how I’ve been known to deal with personal problems. It’s very easy for me to get caught up and carried away partially because I’m passionate about what I do.

However, if a 10 year old sees me “stressed out” after spending one day with me, it’s time to slow down. I sure don’t want to set an example of money being “stressful” to make to a 10 year old little girl.

Also, this prayer was a sign that I needed to stop. I didn’t say quit. Only pause. Even if it’s just taking off tomorrow afternoon. Why? Because Kelbee needs to spend some time with me.

Kelbee may have been talking to God but it sure spoke to me too. So tonight I’m writing to encourage you. Pause and listen for signals throughout life. So many times we need those extra cues.

Classic Cottage Co. Expansion Recap

Welp, we’ve expanded! The structural logistics took a little longer than expected. For some cray cray reason Aaron and I thought we would be able to finish everything in one day. Everything meaning – put up faux brick, stabilize metal piping & wood beams, style lace canopy, move in new items and (my favorite part) stage merchandise.

…And so it begins…

Haha, I have no clue what we were thinking when we came up with that plan. 😂

All in all, it worked out and we’re excited to say it the new additional booth is ready!! We’ve already sold from this more rustic style booth.

Double the space, babes!

As I’ve said before in a previous blog, this new additional booth is aimed to offer more rustic, primitive, industrial items. We’re embracing wood tones and metals while offering rustic treasures to the Auburn/Opelika community.

Less than a week after expanding, I’m so very proud to say customers have supported our vision!

Already, I have learned that I love working in this larger space. For one reason, there is room for me to work/stage while customers shop. Another reason, we’ve blended in book pages throughout the newer space. (stop by to see exactly what I’m talking about) Having pages hanging above me is totally my style because I love to read!

Still have my sweet sign gifted from Aaron Bowman.

Again, thank you so much for the support and encouragement!! 

-Karlee Bowman

Insane splinter to prove the insane weekend!

My Adult Busy Bag

Hi! So we’re doing a little Spring travels this weekend. We’re making it a quick combo trip and seeing both Aaron’s family and my sister’s family. From Alabama to Kentucky to Indiana then from Indian back to Alabama – we’ll be spending a lot of hours in the car.

Growing up, my mom used to pack us  “busy bags” when we went on trips. Ha, now I wonder if a “busy bag” is an actual thing or just something mom made up. Hmmmm, have you ever heard of a busy bag?

Well, now as an adult, I still have a busy bag. (I think my sister Kayla does too!) Over the years is has matured a little. I’ve traded my coloring books, fruit roll ups and children’s fiction for more grown up items.

What’s in it?

The essentials –  books, magazines, chapstick, lipstick and laptop. Just a few items that can keep my attention for hours.


I usually bring along two books just in case one is a bummer. However, all the books in the Outlander series is amazing so no worries there!Magazines

Magazines are a must too.. sometimes my eyes get tired from reading so I like to look at pictures in magazines (child moment.. again). I read both The Magnolia Journal and The Farmhouse Movement cover to cover ever issue.


Let’s face it – long trips can me you feel yucky. Having these two items make me feel human again. Also, I like to have the lipstick on hand to freshen up before seeing any family or friends.


Duhhhhhh.. Cause I’m a workaholic.


Thanks you Initial Outfitters for the sweet, sweet cosmetic bag! It makes for happy traveling!


Drums of Autumn Book – Click Here

First Book in the Outlander Series – Click Here

The Magnolia Journal – Click Here

The Farmhouse Movement Magazine – Click Here

Eos Lip Balm – Click Here

Mac Lipstick – Click Here

Cosmetic Bag – Click Here

Tote – Click Here

(Some of these links are affiliate links)

Our Easter Without Children This Year 2018

Last Easter I wrote a blog called Our Easter Without Children and it was a hit. My blog was still young and boy can you tell!! Since it was a big hit I decided to share our Easter plans for this year.

Last year I mentioned how many holidays are centered towards families. If you’re a small family of two, it can really strongly feel as if something is missing… children.. parents..

Aaron and I are very strategic in planning special days. Since we have no children, we indulge in the chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs as if we are children!

Seriously though, here’s our weekend plans!

Good Friday 

We’ll be attending a Good Friday evening service at our local Methodist church.


My best friend’s son is turning one. Saturday he’s having a Peter Rabbit Birthday party. What a fun way to kick off Easter weekend!!


As I did last year, we’ll run by Krispy Kreme and get some donuts all decked out for Easter!

Easter Basket

Yep, again Aaron will get an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny named Karlee Gail. It will be the usual – Candy, a book, candy, shaving cream, chapstick, candy, magazines and candy.

I feel one is never too old for an Easter basket!!!

Easter Sunday

We will go to church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday morning! Easter Sunday is the best Sunday of the whole year.

Since we no longer have local family to have a Easter dinner with, Aaron has made reservations for our favorite seafood place in downtown Auburn.

Spring Bucket List

It’s the first day of Spring!! Hallelujah!! I’m ready for the warm air, pretty plants and all the other great things Spring brings. I’ve jotted a few (okay maybe more than a few.. more like 10) ideas for Spring! Hope you enjoy!

1 – Pick strawberries

 2 – Have a spring clean

3 – Plant a garden

4 – Donate used items

5 – Make plans to celebrate Easter

6 – Shop at a farmer’s market

 7 – Add hanging plant baskets to the porch

8 – Dye Easter eggs

9 – Try a new fitness class (Yoga is scheduled for me!)

10 – Go for an evening walk with someone you care about (Days are longer)


Newest Additions to The Bowman Family

Finally. I’m so proud to say we got chicks over the weekend!! Four adorable baby chicks. (Soon to get more..I’m sure)

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know last Summer we built a chicken coop. (You can read more about that here!) The chicken coop required more time and money than expected. Isn’t that how projects always go though?? By the time we were finished it was nearly Fall and we had several out of town trips planned, so we held off on getting chickens until NOW!

After picking on Saturday, Aaron suggested we go ahead and get a few. The first store we went to was completely out. So we ended up purchasing a few on some farmland near the house.

For now, we decided to get 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Rhode Island Reds.

The baby chicks were less than a week old when we brought them home. Itty bitty babes!! After 6 days we can already see how much they’ve grown. I’m sure there will be more to come. Hopefully they will enjoy the coop we labored SO hard for!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Karlee Bowman


Our Valentine’s Dinner

Howdy! Annnd Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hope you’re having a special day and you’ve treated yourself to a cherry mocha from Starbucks. 💝

To avoid the crowds Aaron and I have a tradition of treating ourselves to a nice evening at home with lots of yummy food. 😌It’s a night when calories don’t count – sorta like Christmas.

We’ll play some romantic classics like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. (Yes, I now consider Michael Buble a classic) 😏Also, I’ll do the honors of lighting every.. single.. candle.. in the house. You probably know by now I LOVE CANDLES!

We keep our menu really simple while adding a few “extras” so it feels special.

The Menu

A p p e t i z e r s 


Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

E n t r e e s

Filet & Shrimp

Twice Baked Potatoes

Steamed Veggies 

D e s s e r t 

Crème brûlée

I foresee us ending the evening with watching Outlander or a ridiculous horror movie. (No judging.. watching television is a true treat for us) 😂Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day night and thanks for reading this post!


Karlee Bowman

February Bucket List

1 – Treat yourself to some flowers.

2 – Try a new restaurant with a buddy or your significant other.

3 – Watch a romantic movie. (I recommend The Notebook)

4 – Make chocolate covered strawberries.

5 – Mail a Valentine’s Day card to a friend or family member.

6 – Start a romance novel. (I recommend Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes)

7 – Go for a run.

8 – Begin planning Spring decor. (March will be here before you know it)

9 – Wear something pink.

10 – Plan a date night!

Each of these actives can be done with a significant other or friend, and some are great to do alone. You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate love! Happy February, doll!