Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, Friends!! Can you believe the weekend is here? 🙌🏻 Our weekend will consist of picking junk, eating good food, working on the chicken coop and beginning the layout of my booth expansion! (I’m sure you’ll be seeing post about the chicken coop and booth expansion soon.) 😉

Since it’s Friday, it’s time for me to share a few of my favorite things! 🤗 Let’s talk about a book, olives and a bread box. Friday Favorite combos are always so random!!

I’m intensely missing the beach right now. 🏊🏼‍♀️ Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty  was my beach read last year. It was GREAT! I literally read the entire book by the water! 🌊 I highly recommend it as an easy Summer vacation read! Also, Liane Moriarty is the author of many other incredible books such as The Husband’s Secret.

Don’t laugh. 😂 I know it’s random but these Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives are no doubt my favorite food right now. They make the perfect appetizer and you can order them on Amazon! 👍🏻

I love my Black and White Enamel Bread Box.😍 It’s sorta an investment but I’ve seen it look awesome in several different kitchens. It’s probably my favorite kitchen piece. Yes, an entire loaf of bread fits in this box. Also, this Canister Set matches and it’s very reasonably priced. I absolutely love it all!!

Alright, Friends! There you have it! That’s my Friday Favorites for this week. Hope your weekend is amazing! 😘

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hi Friends! We’re one week from Father’s Day. It’s nearly time to tell dad how special he is. Here’s some gift ideas for you!! ☺️

Yes, it’s the Father’s Day Distance Mug!! I posted one very similar for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  and many of you seemed to love it!! My daddy raised three girls, so he has a very soft side. Trust me – if he received this mug in the mail, it would totally make his day. (Even though he’s not a fan of coffee, he’d save it for his hot chocolate 😂)

Confession – the distance mug is more of my big sister’s style.. However, this adorable mug is totally me. I could have this anonymously delivered to daddy and he would immediately know who it came from! 😂 Also, this item is eligible for Amazon Prime so you can have it shipped directly to his home – not that I’m trying to be cheap when it comes to dad.. 😉

I’d like to call this Dad’s Saturday shirtMy dad wears soft tees every Saturday so he’d love this shirt!! It’s adorable and also eligible for Amazon Prime!!

Again, maybe it’s because dad spent nearly his entire adult life in a house full of girls, my dad loves candles. 😍 Here’s a masculine Set of Soy Candles each one sounds amazing!!
Himalayan Salt-Plate: Pink by World Market

Shhh.. Here’s what my puppies, Rhett and Ellen, are giving their daddy. The puppies just want to thank their daddy for all the kisses, food and water he gives them throughout the year. 😉 Sometimes Aaron gets in the mood to cook and he’s all about trying news things in the kitchen. I really think he’ll enjoy a Salt Plate from World Market.

Just remember next Sunday is about celebrating all the wonderful dads in our lives. Be sure to let your dad, grandfather and maybe husband know how much they mean to you!

Thanks for reading my blog! 😘

Friday Favorites

Yay, for another weekend!! 🤗 I’ve got some really exciting products I’ve been loving recently! A total random combo but let’s talk a little about boxwood, nail color and meat choppers.. Like I said completely random combo! 😂

In the decor world of 2017, anything green is well loved! 😍 In fact, you’ll notice a lot of white, wood and (fake or real) plants. It’s very trendy yet timeless. Growing up my mother always said, “Every room needs something green” and she was right. 🌿 Green represents life.   

So, I want to bring this adorable boxwood initial to your attention! I ordered one off Amazon and absolutely love it. (Helpful Hint – Amazon has great prices on boxwood.)  I’ve found several places for this “B” boxwood throughout my home. Honestly, it looks good anywhere.

I love using boxwood in my home for Summer!! Btw –  You can order other letters. 😉 B is for Bowman.

So, before writing this blog I literally just got back from the nail salon and I must say I’ve found a new BFF. 💅🏼

Me and this OPI Nail Color are going to be BEST Friends all Summer long!! 😍 😍 It’s called Funny Bunny by OPI and I’m obsessed.

Okay, now we’re getting real random, my friend! I just can’t go one more day without telling you how amazing this Kitchen Utensil is.. I feel I owe it to you. 🙌🏻It’s a utensil used for ground meat.

This. Will. Make. Your. Life. Better.

Again, thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful weekend!! 😘

My Favorite Rugs

Rugs. Seem simple, huh? Well, they actually make the room! 👌🏻 When I look for a rug I have one goal in mind☝🏻- texture! Yes, rugs can cozy up a room but they can also add much needed texture.

I get Direct Messages all the time about my rugs. Here’s my favorite rugs and where I found them!! 😉

Gray Moroccan Jute Boucle Emy Area Rug - 8' x 10' by World Market 8Ftx10Ft

This Gray Moroccan Area Rug by World Market is in my bedroom and I’ve been very please with it! 😌 This rug adds a nice pattern on our hardwood floor. Also, it’s eligible for free shipping!! 😉

Bleached Ivory Basket Weave Jute Rug: Natural - 6' x 9' by World Market 6Ftx9Ft

We have this Bleached Ivory Jute Rug by World Market in our living room. On a side note – it’s much whiter in person. I absolutely love the airy vibe this rug brings! 😍 This rug is also eligible for free shipping. 😉

I found this rug at a thrift store a few months ago for $15. It’s perfect for my farmhouse style. 😍 As I’ve said before, I find jute rugs at thrift stores all the time. Click here to read more!! 😘


Friday Favorites

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I’ve got my American flag hanging off our porch and several red, white and blue around the porch swing. I hope your weekend is safe and fun! Here’s a few of my favorites on this wonderful Friday evening!

Speaking of Memorial Day, I love putting out a fresh American Flag this time of year. It’s great way for showing your support for our country and troops. 🇺🇸 Also, it adds a bit of curb appeal too! 😊 Here’s an American Flag on Amazon that comes with the pole and attachment pieces.


These Reef Slip on Shoes are AHHHHMAZING!! 😍 😍 😍 I bought these in February and have worn them several times a week since. Nearly each time I wear these Reefs I get compliments.😊 Believe it or not, they’re awesome gym shoes because they’re lightweight and comfortable. 🏃🏼‍♀️ Perfect for killing that cardio!
Black Villa Stripe Kitchen Towel - Cotton by World MarketI’m 24 years old.. It’s sad to say nothing gets me as excited as a fresh new kitchen towel!!  I love a nice crisp towel in the kitchen. 🙄 We eat at home all the time and our kitchen towels are well used so I replace them often. When it’s time to replace, I head to World Market and grab something similar this
Black Villa Stripe Cotton Kitchen Towel
! 😍 Theses pretties are only $3.99. That’s cheap enough to buy them in bundles!!

Alrighty, these are a few of my favorite items right now! I hope explore them and if it’s right for you, TREAT YOURSELF!! You deserve it, my dear! 🤗 😘

Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday! So, you know what that means?? 🤔 Duh, it’s time for another round of Friday Favorites. 🤗

Let’s talk a little about an adorable mixing bowl, relaxing bath bombs and a beautiful farmhouse cottage style pillow!

My favorite mixing bowl is from World Market and it’s only $12.99. This bowl always makes me laugh and makes me feel less guilty about licking the bowl. 😛 😉 JK!!

It’s a great size for all your favorite recipes. I use this bowl all the time. In fact, I used it last night to make fresh black berry cobbler.

Random thought – have I mentioned we have thousands of black berries in our yard?!?! Yum! Gotta love that country life!

Okay, funny story! Aaron order this set of bath bombs to be sent to his mom for Mother’s Day. Well, two days later. There’s an Amazon box on our counter top. He thought it was my box and I thought it was his.

A few days later, I asked him to open his Amazon box and get it off the counter top. (Please 😬) He replied, “Babe, that’s not my box.”

So, I opened it.

It was his Mother’s Day gift to his mom and he accidentally had it shipped to our house instead of Virginia. 😱 😳 😭

Ha, this mistake meant this girl got some bath bombs. 🙋🏼 😂 Within a week I have already used some and they are amazing!! I’m a fan of relaxing in a tub after a long day and these bombs are perfect for just that!

Best part –  they are Amazon prime so it’s ultra fast shipping if you’re a prime member.


This next highlight is probably my favorite “HAPPY MAIL” I’ve ordered all year! It’s from an adorable online shop called Jolie Marche. This shop creates the most beautiful pillows.😍

I ordered one called Farmhouse Sheep out of her Farmhouse Collection. It’s stunningly beautiful and the quality is great!

Although it was my first time to order from Jolie Marche, it will certainly not be my last. 😉 I have my eyes on several different pillows from this sweet shop!

Here’s the link to check it out! Farmhouse Sheep

Alright, so you’ve heard from me about my Friday Favorites! This weekend we’ll be picking treasures and hanging around the farmhouse! ☺️ Happy Weekend from us!!

PS – Aaron reorder bath bombs for his mother and she received them last Sunday.

Items You’ve Asked About!

I absolutely love sharing information with friends! So, that’s what this post is about. There are several items I always get questions about so I’m about to let you in on why I bought it and why I love it!😍

FYI –  Each of these items are actually from World Market. You can click picture or link and it will take you directly to the World Market site to order. 😉 We like keeping things easy for you around here!!

Warning – I’ll probably use this emoji a hundred times because I absolutely love all of these items! 👉🏻 😍

Jade Green Glass Footed Bowls Set of 6 by World Market
Jade Green Glass Footed Bowls Set of 6 by World Market

Aren’t these jadeite bowls precious?!?!😍 I bought several at the beginning of Spring and they’ve added a great splash of color to my open shelving in the kitchen. 🤗

The size of these bowls are perfect for a little late night serving of ice cream or cobbler. 🍨

One thing about jade color dishes – they’re versatile for many season! Adorable for Spring and Summer but would also be darling mixed with a little red at during Christmas. Can you imagine this color and size bowl styled with a mini pumpkin for October? 😉 (Yep, just figured out what I’ll do with these in Autumn)

One very important note – (Well, at least important in the home decor/blogging world) 😍 Liz Marie has a large stack of these in one of her primitive cabinets and it looks GREAT!!👌🏻 👍🏻
Beryl Green Marcelle Tufted Ottoman: Blue - Fabric by World Market
Beryl Tufted Ottoman: Blue – Fabric by World Market

Since I’ve began sharing my home on Istagram, I’ve got so many Direct Messages about this plush ottoman in my living room.

Yes, It has color. Yes, I love white. 😍 However, as much as I love white one of my secrets to styling is adding a splash of color in an unexpected way and this ottoman certainly does adds pop!

I love the style and color of my ottoman.😍 Also, it has been extremely durable for us!! 👍🏻 During my early days of homemaking this piece was a major purchase for me and I’m as pleased now as the day I bought it!

Natural Macrame Table Runner: White - Cotton by World Market

Natural Macrame Table Runner: White – Cotton by World Market

We can’t talk about the ottoman without talking about my favorite runner. Favorite. Runner. Ever. 😍 😍 😍

First off, layering is an important key to styling a home.☝🏻 This macrame runner adds layer and texture to any space. Also, the color is perfect.😍 Keep in mind, you can use this runner on a dresser, coffee table, dining room/kitchen table, buffet among many other spaces. Again, this is a versatile piece!

You’ll be thanking me after you order this beautiful runner! 😉

Mother’s Day Distance Mugs

Mother’s Day weekend is one week from today!! Soooo many of you expressed interest in the state distance mugs I shared on the blog titled Mother’s Day Gift Ideas… BUT Amazon was out of those awesome mugs by the next day. 😩 Ahhh, so sad!! However, I found some more to help you out!! You can order these directly from Amazon and have them shipped to Momma by Mother’s Day! 😉 However, the clock is ticking tick tock so order NOW!

Such an adorable mug! Fill out the info and click order. Boys and wives, the state colors can be changed so this beauty is perfect to order from a son to a mother. Note – my own mom saw this on my last blog and already asked for one. 😂

Perfect mug from a daughter to a mother!! Btw –  the shipping on this mug is free. Not that we want to cheap out on mom. 😉 Ha!

If your mom is always on the go, this is the mug for her!! Annnnnd it has a cute quote!!😍 Love it!!Aww, the quote on this precious mug!! Again, great gift from a guy. So sweet!!

So adorable!! Your mom will definitely have this mug displayed on her cabinet for all to see!

Okay, so hopefully this post helps! It’s not too late right now, but it will be soon. Click on the image or link to order it from Amazon now!! Have a happy weekend, everyone!!

Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday!! One of the best days of the week. Here’s a few products I’ve recently used that I love. If you’re like me you love recommendations!! Have a great weekend, peeps!
Mod About You by OPI

Mod About You is my go to color! It’s the perfect pink. 😍 This creamy pink color looks good no matter the skin color. I use the gel on my fingers and regular on my toes. 🤔 I despise picking nail color but I know I can never go wrong with this selection. It’s the best!!!👍🏻

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

You think your family has drama? 😳 You have nothing on the Plumb family! 😉 The Nest is a wonderful spring read!
Wine Bottle Filled Candle - Merlot by World Market MerlotThese are the best candles!! 😍 You can find them at World Market. Each one I’ve tried as a rich scent and fragrance fills the room!! The fragrance is not overwhelming but really good!!

Friday Favorites!


It’s Friday again!! Our plans for this weekend consist of picking, coffee and a DIY project.. this is pretty much my ideal weekend. 😁 😉 

It’s time for Friday Favorites! I so enjoy sharing products I’ve recently enjoyed. So, let’s talk about a pillow, book and wall art! Yes, of course a book made the list.. I ALWAYS have a good book to recommend. 🤓
Isn’t this pillow adorable?!?! I have one on my couch and love it! I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality. It’s perfect for any home. Also, this makes an awesome wedding gift for newlyweds.  Oh, and it’s only $23.50.. What a great Friday splurge for some happy mail next week!! 😉 🤗

This. Book. Is. Amazing. I love everything I’ve read by Mary Kubica. It’s another psychology thriller like Girl on the Train. If you’re needing a good Spring read, order The Good Girl  right now off Amazon. 😉 After you read it, be sure to tell me what you think!!

Springbok Paper Mache Animal Bust by World Market

I’ve had many people ask about the paper mache animal head in the center of my tobacco basket. Well, I got it from World Market. I bought this wall art last year and I had no idea the statement it would make. The coolest part – the paper looks like pages out of a phone book. (I’m a sucker for detail 😍)


Happy Friday, peeps!! I’ll try to keep you posted on our weekend adventures.