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    Highs & Lows – 2018

    Farewell, 2018. Hello, 2019. It was a good year. Fast but good! Here’s a few moments that really stand out to me when thinking back on 2018. I turned 25 – High Wow, am I really an actual grown up? Yep. I turned 25 on January 25th 2018. I even wrote a post about it –25 Life Lessons for 25! Aaron & Kelbee made this day special for me. Classic Cottage Co. Expanded… AGAIN!! – High Yep, we had the opportunity to expand the space we we’re currently renting so we did so! This gave our customers a little extra room to shop while allowing us to stage more inventory.…

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    Ahhh, My House Feels Sooooo Empty – After Holiday Home

    Some of us dread it. Some of us love it. It’s the after Holiday emptiness of our home. We’ve had orange decor and pumpkins, turkeys and acorns, and Christmas trees and garland. For the past few months our homes have felt festive and full. Suddenly it feels empty. I’m somewhere between love and dread when it comes to this after holiday emptiness. I love the simplicity and routine that comes with January; however, the house can sometimes feel a bit cold and empty. Here’s what I do to combat that empty feeling – I plan! No – I can’t go to World Market and hit up the antique mall and…

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    Christmas in the Kitchen

    Kitchens are my favorite to decorate at Christmas time! I truly feel a kitchen is the heart of a home. This year I wanted all the cozy kitchen vibes with lots of green trees and lots of warm lights. Draping some lights across the white metal piece in our kitchen was one of the first things I did. I’m still loving the warm glow it gives…. secretly wanting to keep it up through Winter! Next the evergreens! We hung faux garland across the sink window and put out little mini trees all throughout the space. Especially in the open space above our cabinets. We also added a little live tree…

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    Christmas in the Workroom for $10

    Yep, we made Christmas happen in the Classic Cottage Co. workroom. Many hours are spent in that workroom of ours so we decided to make it festive for the Holiday season! Our small business functions on a small business budget so we wanted to play this Christmas decor game smart! I turned to my trusty favorite for me this season Target lights. Simply draping these lights around our chalkboard gave an instant Holiday glow. Not bad for $10! Speaking of chalkboard, I grabbed my chalk (I’m such an artist. NOT!) and drew out a simple (VERY SIMPLE) tree. Note – If I can do this you can too!! This bit of…

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    Fresh Pine Wreath

    A simple timeless way to add holiday cheer to your home is with a fresh pine wreath! You can use it inside or out – either way it’ll have that little space smelling and looking like Christmas time! That’s why when Artist Wreaths  reached out about sending us a wreath for the Holiday season – I said , “SURE”!!  There’s nothing like fresh pine during the Holidays. The wreath we chose was the Cedar Roses & Red Princess Pine Holiday Wreath. I was attracted to this wreath because of the sweet cedar pine roses. I though those were a creative combo on a Christmas wreath. It has just enough neutral with…

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