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    Broke and Needing a Headboard

    The beginning of my relationship with Aaron happened quick. Between a 4 month span we had some very exciting events happen in our life –  engagement, purchased our first house and got married. What this translates to –  we bought (well, mainly he bought) an engagement ring (which he did a killer job designing😏 😍), a home (which was completely broken😩), wedding bands and wedding expenses. Keep in mind, when we bought our home the power among many other things did not work. Did I mention vines were overtaking the entire structure?!?! 😭 Well, we closed on the house, our wedding day had passed and my sweet farmhouse felt empty.…

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    Shiplap, Yea or Nah?

    I’ve heard both sides of the argument. Yea or Nah on shiplap? I’ll be honest, during our deciding process I totally lost sleep over it. I’m an over thinker and analyze everything. EVERYTHING. Some people claim shiplap is the new 1970’s paneling and refused to take part in the shenanigans. Others feel shiplap is completely overrated. Joanna Gaines, you’ve caused quite the debate! After researching both sides, studying pictures of people who have it and losing sleep, I finally made a decision. Yea. I like shiplap. Here’s why! Texture I’m all about adding an extra layer of texture to a room. Welp, shiplap definitely brings a neutral texture to any…

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    4 Farmhouse Finds from the Thrift Store!

    Many of you know I am a picker! I am going to let you in on a few secrets of the trade. 😉 You can sometimes spot really awesome finds at a thrift store. I’ve heard people say they like the idea of thrifting but don’t know what they are looking for. Well, I’m here to help!! 😃 Here’s five farmhouse treasures you can often find in a thrift store. White Blankets Yep, nearly all of my white throw blankets have come from thrift stores. Blankets are nearly a guarantee find. I spot the ones with neat textures such as hand knit or quilted. Since I always go for white,…

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