Vintage Recipes Meet Repurposed Fireplace Mantel

I love repurposing fireplace mantels as shelves. 😍 I have several old wooden mantels throughout my home. In fact, my motto could be “here a mantel, there a mantel, everywhere a mantel”. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Haha, but honestly an old slim mantel can fit just about anywhere and add an old architectural charm.

We have an antique mantel in our kitchen. (I tricked my husband into this one.. he thought I was buying it to resell until I brought it home and said, “it goes here” and pointed to specific corner in our kitchen.👆🏻😉)  This mantel is perfect for displaying my milk glass vases. However, I felt it could use a little creativity. 🤔

So, I popped on Etsy to order some old handwritten recipe cards. 😌 (I can’t begin to imagine who could part with family recipe cards but I’m glad they did.)

I got some double sided tape and began taping the recipe cards to the wall inside the mantel. The cards are lined up corner to corner so the wall itself doesn’t show. The goal of this project was to make the inside of the mantel look like a wall of recipes.

I went line by line until BAM it was done!! 💃🏼 🤚🏻 (However, I did run out of recipe cards and had to order more, so the project was delayed..)

Side Note – Vintage recipe cards are hard to find. If you have trouble finding recipe cards, try using an old cookbook. 😉 Perhaps a cookbook that’s already falling apart.

Another Side Note – If your repurposed mantel is in another room besides a kitchen or dining room, you could use old book pages. You don’t have to rip apart an antique books. Just look for a worn out novel at your local thrift store.

Hope this post inspired you to be creative! Thank for reading!!😘

The Estimated Cost –

Mantel $40

Tape $3

Recipe Cards $12


DIY Window Mantel

I was needing a quick easy decor idea for the mantel in my bedroom. Honestly, I envisioned an old metal fence gate above this mantel but each gate I found was over $200. 👎🏻

So, I came up with this window idea a few Saturdays ago. It’s easy and not much money! I found three windows all in one day. ☝🏻 I think I spent $25 for all three. 🤑

This idea could work on any fireplace mantel and any level decorator can TOTALLY handle it! 👍🏻 All you’ll need is three different sized windows.

First – Center the largest window.


Second – Grab the medium sized window and center it to one side of the larger window. 👈🏻 Like this👇🏻.  Third – Take the smallest window and center it to the other side. 👉🏻

(Ignore my sweet helper’s arm in the corner of this picture.) My little 9 years old sister was the photographer today. 😇 Thank you, Kelbee!!


Finally –  Send me an after pic!! If you do this decor project, I’d love to see it! So, tag me in your picture! 😘

Here’s an easy step by step mantel decor!!

Helpful Hint – Some people have a difficult time finding vintage windows in their area. (Hard to imagine since our community is completely saturated with old reasonable priced windows) If that’s the case for you, you could use old unique frames.


I Might be Crazy

Open shelving.. It’s another debate. 🤔 Unlike my shiplap debate, (which you can read about here) I knew exactly where I stood on the topic of open shelves.

Again, this was one of those ideas my sweet husband thought I was CRAY CRAY.. and maybe I am. (That’s another topic for another day) 🤗 🙃

I love the look, concept and just about everything else about open shelves in the kitchen.😉 Now that I’ve lived with open shelves for a few months, I feel I can talk about it a bit!


The rhythm of my heart beats “organization, organization, organization” but I’m not always good at being organized. (Or maybe it’s Aaron 🤔) (Not to cast blame😉) Anyways, about a week into our open shelving we both realized it was forcing us to keep everything tidy.

In times past, our poor little cabinets were always so unorganized but now everything things has a specific place. Open shelving totally brought structure to our home.😁


Open shelves add opportunity to display your pretty items.😍 I don’t know about you but if it’s not pretty, I’m probably not going to buy it. I’m the type of girl who opts for the pretty white mixing bowls instead of the cheap ugly ones. I buy only items I love so I’ll keep them forever and it’ll save money in the long run. (haha, that’s how I justify buying 😉)

So open shelves allows me to display those beautiful cake plates, mixing bowls and baking dishes.😍


Are you looking for that big farmhouse statement in your kitchen?? Open shelving could be your key. Something about it screams farmhouse especially when styled correctly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen open shelves be very versatile in styles. Open shelving can be anything from farmhouse to cottage to modern. No matter the style theses shelves make a huge statement in a home!!👍🏻

So I may be crazy but I love open shelves. 🤷🏼‍♀️ They keep things structured, pretty and make a huge style statement.

Call me cray cray if you’d like but I immediately knew where I stood on the debate open shelves.

How to DIY
Here’s a link to a previous blog I posted on how to install open shelves yourself!!

Broke and Needing a Headboard

The beginning of my relationship with Aaron happened quick. Between a 4 month span we had some very exciting events happen in our life –  engagement, purchased our first house and got married. What this translates to –  we bought (well, mainly he bought) an engagement ring (which he did a killer job designing😏 😍), a home (which was completely broken😩), wedding bands and wedding expenses.

Keep in mind, when we bought our home the power among many other things did not work. Did I mention vines were overtaking the entire structure?!?! 😭

Well, we closed on the house, our wedding day had passed and my sweet farmhouse felt empty. The walls, cabinets and floors felt empty and this situation made for a very overwhelmed new bride.😭 Our budget was slim due to all the expenses over the past few months.

I wanted a headboard. Was this too much to ask?!?!

Yes, it was too much to ask when nearly every square foot of our new hardwood floor was bare. Have you priced rugs recently???

I knew if I wanted something over that bed as a headboard, I would have to get creative. I was staring at our bed (feeling so sorry for myself 😭) as my new husband was outside taking down an old rustic privacy fence.
So, I started thinking.🤔 I’m nearly positive this moment was the first of many times Aaron thought I was crazy. I ran outside and explained how we could use the old fence as our headboard.

Aaron said let’s give it a try. I grabbed one side and he grabbed the other we marched that beauty in our room and ended up loving it! 😍 Best of all – no one else had a headboard like us. It was completely unique.

I wrote this blog to encourage you. Sometimes we feel lack of money brings limitations but really it just demands us to be more creative. This type of creativity is perfect because it tells your story and makes your home unique.

We are now at a place I could purchase a beautiful headboard. Trust me, within my line of work I have plenty of opportunity. However, our old fence headboard is a constant reminder of how far we’ve come. It also reminds me to never lose the art of creativity. 😊

What can you repurpose?

Shiplap, Yea or Nah?

I’ve heard both sides of the argument. Yea or Nah on shiplap? I’ll be honest, during our deciding process I totally lost sleep over it. I’m an over thinker and analyze everything. EVERYTHING.

Some people claim shiplap is the new 1970’s paneling and refused to take part in the shenanigans. Others feel shiplap is completely overrated. Joanna Gaines, you’ve caused quite the debate!

After researching both sides, studying pictures of people who have it and losing sleep, I finally made a decision.

Yea. I like shiplap. Here’s why!


I’m all about adding an extra layer of texture to a room. Welp, shiplap definitely brings a neutral texture to any room (or in my case ceiling too). That lovely texture comes in an unnoticed way which I’ll explain later.


Call me totally crazy but I swear by this statement – our ceilings got taller. Okay, maybe not literally but OMG our walls look taller. It’s only an illusion but it’s a good one for sure!


During one of my long emotional (inner turmoil) conversations with Aaron regarding shiplap, he pointed out that a previous owner had shiplapped our ceilings and I hadn’t grown tired of it. In fact, we barely noticed our shiplap ceilings when we bought our home. (We didn’t watch much Fixer Upper in those days and still don’t… who has time for TV??)


There’s something about those white uniformed lines that makes me happier with each glance. So whether I keep it for a year or twenty years, what does it matter so long as I love it?!?

FYI – my go to shiplap color is Benjamin Moore White Dove. Here’s a secret, I actually get it in Behr from Home Depot. They have access to Benjamin Moore colors. It saves me moola! 

4 Farmhouse Finds from the Thrift Store!

Many of you know I am a picker! I am going to let you in on a few secrets of the trade. 😉 You can sometimes spot really awesome finds at a thrift store. I’ve heard people say they like the idea of thrifting but don’t know what they are looking for. Well, I’m here to help!! 😃 Here’s five farmhouse treasures you can often find in a thrift store.

White Blankets

Yep, nearly all of my white throw blankets have come from thrift stores. Blankets are nearly a guarantee find. I spot the ones with neat textures such as hand knit or quilted. Since I always go for white, I throw them in the washer machine with some bleach to wash away any germies. 😖

Vintage Books

If you’re like me, (#jojomademedoit) you love Joanna Gaines and the Magnolia Journal. In the Spring 2017 edition Joanna talked about decorating with old books. (I highly recommend this magazine)

You can find antique books at thrift stores!! 📚 In fact, I found one today from 1935 for $2. I’ve found some books from 1915 for less $5. I’m a nerdy book lover.

🤓 Told ya I’m a nerdy book lover.

Milk Glass Vases

Yep, those 1950’s milk glass vases that are populating Instagram can many times be found at the thrift store. They are typically no more than a couple of bucks and there is endless possibilities. I still love adding to my collection. 😍


Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs are a true love of mine. I have at least one in every room. (uhh..embarrassing 🙄) It’s surprising how many I’ve seen at thrift stores. I’ve purchased three jute rugs at thrift stores within the past four months. One happened to be a Pottery Barn that retails for $479. 😱 Last week I bought a 6×9 for $10 at the Salvation Army.

There is no guarantee what you’ll find while hunting. Start off by training your eye to hunt for these treasures and check the stores often. Instead of heading to TJ Maxx for a blanket, I’d rather buy it at a thrift store and save my Moolah for a special item on Etsy or at an antique store! 🤑😘