My Fall Dining Room

Autumn is my absolute favorite season!🎃 I love everything about it; Apple cider, sweaters, mums and of course pumpkins.

It’s no surprise I’ve been planning my fall décor since the 4th of July.

In the dining room, I wanted to embrace wood tones while showcasing white pumpkins! 😍 Here’s what I did –

The BIG Bowl

This dough bowl serves as the anchor/base of the whole vignette. I purchased my large antique dough bowl from a local antique store. If you don’t spot dough bowls from your local antique shop, you can find them on Etsy. Our farm table is huge so I had to opt for the largest dough bowl I could find. However, you could possibly downsize depending on the size of your space.

The Extra Texture

Texture, layer, texture, layer… This is the chant I sing while being creative in my home!💃🏼🎤💃🏼🎤

Look closely and you’ll notice a layer of soft texture underneath the white pumpkins. 🤓 See it? That’s actually a tablecloth from World Market. It reminded me of a French inspired grain sack. I bunched the tablecloth into the small canoe (dough bowl).😉

The Pumpkin Fun

I used faux white pumpkins from Michaels. I arranged the pumpkins in the way I imagined them to fall naturally if they were real. 🤔 In other words, totally random!

The Frosty Green

 “Every room needs something green”


My mom has always believed every room needs a green plant… Even if it was secretly fake because green thumbs don’t run in the family.👩🏼‍🌾 👎🏻 So, I took mom’s long given advice and added lamb’s ear from Michael’s to the mix. 😁 The lamb’s ear brings an extra layer of pretty texture.

Easy breezy and I was done! 💁🏼 The farm table is ready for fall comfort food and pumpkin pie!

Where You Can Find👇🏻 

 Dough Bowl – Etsy

Table Cloth – World Market

White Pumpkins – Michael’s

Lamb’s Ear – Michael’s


May your pumpkin spice latte be warm, the air around you be crisp, your hayrides be long, and pumpkins be bright. Welcome, October. Happy Fall, Y’all.

-Karlee Bowman

Easy Farm Table Centerpiece

No doubt, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie. Belle is my favorite Disney princess because I totally relate to her nerdiness. 🤓

My brain works in strange ways. The inspiration for this farm table centerpiece actually came from the movie Beauty and the Beast.  

Inspiration can come through the oddest ways in the world of Karlee. 😜 My thoughts were to gather items in a basket for a French dinner party. Combine it with a little galvanized farmhouse and “BAM” you’ve got a French farmhouse vignette.

Here’s how I did it –

I started with the basket. I grabbed my favorite white metal basket, which I found at a yard sale last year. 😍 Helpful Hint – metal baskets are often found in antique stores! I placed it on the large crochet doily. The doily was also found at an antique store.

Finally, it was time for the fun part! 🤗 I searched around my home for pieces I would imagine at a French dinner party.  Before I knew it, I had gathered a few glamorous candleholders, old white platter and a galvanized bucket. (Still unsure why I chose the bucket… Guess I couldn’t resist a touch of farmhouse.) 😉

The galvanized bucket was very handy! I flipped the bucket upside down, and it helped add a little height. Also add a nice color contrast.

Then I placed the candleholders and platters in the metal basket. DONE!


 This project took no time at all! I simply used pieces around my house so it was very nice on the wallet. Best of all, each time I pass by our farm table, I reminded of my favorite movie! 😌

Prices and where I found it!

Metal Basket – Yard Sale/Free (Because I bought so much.. the kind man threw it in)

Crochet Doily – Antique Store/$12

Galvanized Bucket – Yard Sale/$3

Platters – Antique Store/$4

Candleholder – Thrift Store $4

Candleholder – Antique Store/$25 (I might have over spent on that one..😉)




5 Adorable Farmhouse Style Tier Trays

Let’s talk about tier trays! ❤️ So adorable for your counter in the kitchen. Layered trays are perfect for displaying little items you love! I’ve used mine for candles, mini boxwood wreaths and mugs! 🌿 I’ve found this selection from my favorite store – Amazon!!

Simple and galvanized! 😍 Can it get any better? Yes, it actually can because this Galvanized Two Level Tray  is VERY reasonably priced! So adorable.

Are you a lover of black metal? Well, this tray is for you! Annnnd it’s got an extra tier for displaying more items! This Black 3-Tier Tray would look great in any home!

Cream, wood and slightly distressed? Yes, I’ll take it! Is this 3-Tier Wood Tray not the cutest! Please note – this particular tray is selling fast, so order now if you’re going to order!!

Check out the detail on this lovely piece! The stem is adorable! Wood Aluminum 2 Tier Tray  can make any space look cozy!

Here’s another galvanized option! I love the detail of the base and it’s an extra tier! Metal Galvanized Tray has so much farmhouse charm!!

Alright, so there you have it! 😊 These are all options I would totally use in my own farmhouse. If you’re in the market for a tier tray, I hope this helps! Thanks for reading! 😘

Summer Mantel on a Budget

The fireplace mantel is one space I love to swap up with each season – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

It was time to add a little something for Summer. As always, I like to thrift, thrift, thrift then splurge (a little). 🤑 So, basically I thrift so I can splurge on that one special piece!

Let’s get to it! Here how I styled my Summer Mantel.

I layered! Months ago I found the large vintage chalkboard at a local antique store for $10. So far, I’ve used it as an extra layer for each season. For this particular style I turned it vertical.

The large antique wooden frame was $2 last year at a yard sale. Note – I make no promises you’ll find one this cheap but you can find good deals on these! 😉 The frame adds a little detailed texture! The wall art resting inside of the frame came from Hobby Lobby.

Finally, I finished the ensemble off with plants! I found a killer deal on these Pottery Barn Olive branch trees at a thrift store. 😍$10 for the pair was an awesome deal! Then I found these old glass jars at an antique store for $1 each. I had leftover greenery from another project so I stuck some in each glass jars.

Price List:

Vintage Chalkboard – $10

Antique Frame – $2

Wall Art – $8

Olive Branch Trees – $10

Glass Jars – $4

Greenery – Free


Front Porch Decor – 4th of July

Despite the heat, don’t you just love Summer Holidays?!? (That Alabama heat kills me sometimes.🤒) I Especially love The Fourth of July because it celebrates our wonderful country. 🇺🇸

Nearly every evening Aaron and I sit on our front porch. It’s sorta our “down time”. We truly enjoy this space but to be honest I thew this spot together on a major budget!

I found the little wooden table at a thrift store for $4 and this swing at a yard sale for $15. 🤑 These two items are my anchor pieces. After setting those in place I filled in with the “little” details.


I grabbed some clay pots and stacked them to add color variety. (I found these in a shed at an Estate sale. However, you could probably find some in your yard or in a relative’s yard.) 😉

During our nightly chats on the front porch, I sometimes get cold. I grabbed an extra blanket I had in my house and swung it over the swing. This blanket adds texture to the space.

Every porch obviously needs a plant so I got a little furry looking green plant from Home Depot. 🌿

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the galvanized watering tin! 😍 It was my one “splurge” on the porch! I paid $20 for it at an antique store!

This is the base of my porch decor… but…. I wanted to add a few things to celebrate the July 4th. 🇺🇸 So, here’s what I did!

I ordered a pillow from Decor Steals and grabbed a few American Flags from the thrift store. Btw – the flags were only $0.50 each! Popped the flags in the clay pots and threw the pillow on the swing. BAM, you have 4th of July decorations!


My Colorful Ottoman

Yes, if you’ve seen a picture of my nearly all neutral living room, you know it has a loud color in the very center. I love white but I also love the unexpected. 😉

I get many messages about my ottoman and I’m going to answer the number one question – Where did it come from? It’s actually from World Market!!

I bought it from World Market about two years ago and although it’s a statement color in my white/wood tone home, I haven’t grown tired of this piece! ☺️ The color and velvety texture gives a nice pop.

The style of this piece is timeless. 👌🏻 I would consider it classy/glamorous style yet it fits well in our french country style farmhouse.

Also, like I said we’ve had it around two years and it looks the same as the day we got it! 😍 This ottoman has totally held up!


So, there’s a little about the ottoman many of you have asked about! If you think this beautiful piece can find a spot in your home, it’s your lucky day because World Market is running a sale on this ottoman online!!

Click 👉🏻 here 👈🏻 to check it out!! 😘

Thrift Painting Makeover

Recently, I’ve learned about another treasure you can find at thrift stores!! Beautiful paintings!! 😍 Yes, all that time and love someone invested into a painting ends up at a thrift store. 😕 Sad, but good for me, right?

Helpful Hint – Look for the paintings where you can get lost in the scene. For me, this is a scene of farm land or a cozy house.☺️

If you can stare at the picture and get lost daydreaming, buy it. 👍🏻 That means you’ll love it in your home.

Weeks ago, I spotted another beautiful oil painting at a thrift store for $11. It was lovely, but the wooden frame wasn’t doing much for it. I painted the wooden frame and the picture came to life!

Here’s how I painted the frame –

First, I taped the edges of the picture with painter’s tape I found in our “junk drawer”. (Random question – Does everyone have a junk drawer?) 🤔

Second, I lightly coated the frame with Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalk Paint. Even though I taped the edges of the painting, to not get much paint on the tape because I didn’t want any chalk paint soaking through.

Finally, once the paint is dried I went through with sandpaper and lightly distressed the frame to show the wood. This trick adds a little character to the frame and helps blend in the chalk paint.Tada, it’s beautiful!! Here’s another $5 painting where I painted the frame.👇🏻

Also, here’s another canvas I found at a thrift store for $3.👇🏻

To read more about thrift store finds click 👉🏻 here

Btw – Here’s the link to the chalk paint brush I ALWAYS use 👉🏻 here

Change Your Living Room on a Budget

Don’t like your furniture? On a budget? I’ve totally been there!!

Fall of 2016, I was growing tired of our red couch set. 😔 Keep in mind, this furniture was a “hand me down” from my parents, so these pieces had been around since I was 15 years old.

I was needing a change but wasn’t quite ready to purchase new furniture. 🤑 I explored my options and decided to give white slipcovers a try.🤔

This decision totally changed the style of my living room! 😁 I purchased a relaxed fit slipcover on Amazon. Our furniture is an odd shape so that’s why I decided to go with a relax fit. Immediately our living room felt larger and more dreamy. 😍

Not only are slipcovers great for changing your look, they are also perfect for covering furniture in rough shape. 👍🏻

So, if you’re on a budget and desiring a change I highly recommend investing in slipcovers!  👇🏻

👉🏻 Click here to see the slipcover I used on my loveseat.

👉🏻 Click here to see the slipcover I used on my chair.

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Okay, I thought everyone knew about these DIY drop cloth curtains.. However, I get messages all the time asking where I found the curtains throughout my home. Well, I made my curtains with supplies from the hardware store. (Or Amazon 😉)

Please note – I did not come up with this genius idea. In fact, I read about it in an amazing book called A Touch of Farmhouse Charm. 👉🏻 You can read more about this book HERE!You’ll Need –

2 6×9 Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains

Pack of Black Metal Curtain Clips (This pack is enough for several sets 😉)


What You’ll Do – 

Iron the drop cloth.

Fold the drop cloth down along the top. (This step is optional..)

Clip the metal clips along the top of the canvas drop cloth.

Slide clips on your curtain rod!!!

Finally, DM me a picture so I can see what a pretty job you did!! 😘PS – CLICK HERE to see where I get my curtain rods!

My Weekend Find

So, we had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 🇺🇸 Our weekend consisted of sleeping in, eating too much, building a chicken coop 🐣 and antique shopping. Aaron and I truly enjoyed a long weekend!

I spotted this old milking stool during one of our trips to the antique mall. I immediately fell in love!!😍 For the locals, I found it at Angel’s Antique in a booth called Pampered Picks from the Past.

I try to always spot old chippy white pieces. 👉🏻 For instance, chippy white side tables, windows and architectural pieces. Here’s why, A- Nothing screams farmhouse style like white paint chipping off to expose wood. B- Chippy white tells a story. (In my case, the story of some farm animals.) 🐂 🐄


I knew I loved this little stool. 😍 My mind began envisioning all the spots in my home it would go. 🤔 Helpful Hint – If your mind does this on a piece, there’s a good chance you need to buy it.👍🏻 Sure enough, this chippy jewel didn’t make it past the kitchen. It found a home beside my open shelves.

I can now reach my breadbox! 🤗 BTW – Here’s a link to an enamel bread box!