Bedside Table Redo

The thrill of finding a piece someone may call out of style and turning it into something beautiful is beyond fun to me. A few months ago I was browsing around a local thrift store and spotted these two large nightstands.. They looked like mini chest of drawers. I loved the hardware. Seriously, I’m always a sucker for cool original hardware. Just can’t say NO to it. Sorta out of style? Yes. Workable in some way? Also, yes.


Standing in the thrift store, my mind began to race; thinking how can I make these look fabulous in my bedroom?


1 – Painting the entire piece.

2 – Painting just the shell and leave the drawers original.

3 – Change the hideous laminate top.

I decided the piece had enough options to be workable. I snagged the mini chests for $23 each. Once I was home, we placed them on either side of the bed and decided we would try the third option of changing out the top. We felt some white wood planks would be pretty.

This is where sweet Aaron came in to help!!😏(Such skillzzz) With his powerful muscles he ripped the ugly laminate top off just like The Hulk. 💪🏼Just kidding.. The top was held with four screws so he just unscrewed the top off.

Next, he took 1x2x8 common pine board from Home Depot and cut each plank to the length of the nightstand. After placing each board side by side horizontally he nailed them into place with his nail gun. Note – if you don’t have a nail gun, you can always use regular nails and embrace a “rustic look”.

Finally, I grabbed some white paint and a paint brush and gave the tops two coats of paint. BAM!! We were done and had some awesome/unique/thrifty nightstands with MEGA amounts of storage.

For now, I love the way these nightstands look beside our bed. Later I may try painting the rest with chalk or milk paint but as of now I’m embracing the warm wood tone in contrast with the white top.

I truly hope this blog post encourages you to make pieces your own! Get a bargain and see what YOU can do to make it an original piece. This whole project from start to finish only took us a couple of hours and it was enjoyable! Thanks so much for reading my blog today!


DIY Green Bundle

Spring is here! (Almost) I was needing to add a little green on a plate wall in our dining room. So, here’s what I did!!

What You’ll Need –  

Jute String 


Green Picks


Step 1

Cut strips of lace into squares. I’m not one for measuring.. way too scatterbrain for that. But I’d say about 12″ squares. My lace squares turned out to be more of a a rectangle.

Step 2

Fold the lace in half and bunch it around each green pick.

Step 3

Then secure the bundle together by wrapping a little jute string around and tying a little bow.

Step 4

Time to style it!! These little bundles can look good anywhere! Style a few with a tray on the coffee table, lie one on a dresser, or hang them on a plate wall like I did! I chose to hang mine upside down on Ironstone plates.

This easy DIY only took me a few minutes the very first time! Hope it inspires you!!


Karlee Bowman



Early Spring Home Tour

Hi!! If you’re coming from Amanda’s, Midcountry Journal, Early Spring Blog Tour, WELCOME!! Isn’t Amanda talented?! Well, it’s time to gather all the florals, greens, light French linens and cotton scented candles because SPRING is nearly here! Welcome to my home & let me take you on a mini tour!!

I wanted to welcome Spring by adding a white floral wreath to our front door. No mistaking from the street – This home is Spring ready, baby!!

Gardening was the inspo in our dining room. That’s why you see vintage glass vases and pots throughout the room. I even added an old watering tin to the farm table! As for greens, I mostly used lamb’s ear in this room because I love the soft green blend.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! Guess the garden theme is carried over to our kitchen. During my grocery store trips, I love to grab fresh flowers. This week it was pink roses were on sale! By adding some florals & a fresh grain sack towel your kitchen can be Spring ready.

My dad always told me the color green represents life. Spring is the time when plants are blooming and grass begins to grow. You can recognize signs of life everywhere! I love celebrating life through my Spring decor. For this reason,  you’ll spy varies plants and flowers throughout our entire home.

I wanted to add a little Spring to our bedroom. This task was very easy!! I just added some green sprigs to the book garland above our bed. I added a little green garland above the mantle also.

I appreciate you  joining me on this Spring tour of our home!! Thank for visiting, and now it’s time to hop over to one of my very favorite bloggers Leanna’s, Clare and Grace Designs, Early Spring Blog Tour!!


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Bedroom Update Decor

Hey buddies!! So I needed a little refresh in our bedroom!! Nothing big.. just using what I already had and adding a little bit!!


My bedroom inspo came from my favorite pass time – books! Often Aaron and I read in our bedroom before bedtime. I wanted to embrace that little pass time with specific elements in the room!

What we did:

I switched up the headboard a little! I’ve had the large gray fence headboard for a bit. (You can read more about it here) So I added another layer of fencing.. a white picket fence. Something about a picket fence reminds me of a fairytale so it was right on board with my inspiration!

Next up, we changed out our bed side table. You’ll be able to read more about that DIY soon!!

What’s a reading inspired bedroom without a little book garland? I made a thick garland out of old books. It’s rather large… & buddy, let me tell you it took a minute to make. I spent hours making this book garland but it paid off because I love how it’s swooped across the headboard!

Next, I changed up the bedroom mantel! Remember – we’re talking book inspired, right? Well, I spotted these old picture/painting at an antique mall the other day and immediately it took me to a historical fiction book. I felt I could get lost in the pictures just as I get lost in a book.

By swapping out some pillows that were in other places of the house, I freshened up the look by using things I already had!

We’re enjoyed these little updates to our bedroom!! Thanks so much for ready this blog post today!


Karlee Bowman 

DIY Florals on a Stick

It’s time to add those florals and greens to the home and kiss Winter bye bye. Here’s an easy DIY to add Spring life in your own home!

I found inspiration for this easy DIY by browsing Pinterest  late one evening.

What You’ll Need

Jute String

Faux Florals/Greens



First thing, I went to the yard and grabbed a stick. You need to chose one by the length you need. If needed, go for larger and break off the sides to the exact length for your space.

Hang the stick from a wall, mantel, or favorite bulky cabinet like I did. Any large rarely used piece of furniture would work.

Time to hang some flowers! I began with the faux flowers. I tied the jute string to the top part of the flower stem and then tied the other end of jute string to the hanging stick. (I really hope this makes SENSE!! 😂)

Tip – I staggered the length of the jute so each string would hang at a different height. 

Next, I hung the leafy greens. If you look closely, you’ll see some of the greens are hung upside down just to add variation.

Finally, I took the scissors and trimmed any excess jute string.

That’s all! I probably made it sound complicated but truly it’s VERY EASY!! This would be nice for any home decor, baby/wedding shower, birthday party or wedding. You could use any faux flowers you would like! Tag me in pictures if you use this idea because I would love to see!!

Thanks for reading,

Karlee Bowman

Meet Ducky Duck – Vintage Find

I have to share a recent favorite antique store find with my like minded vintage loving friends! The old ducky duck came just in time for SPRING!!

A few days ago, I was at an Antique mall working in one of my vintage booths – Classic Cottage. I had to take a bathroom break so I stepped away from my space and headed to the very back of the store.. That’s the moment I spotted ducky duck. 😍

For less than $10, I knew ducky duck would find a home.. possibly my home. I wasn’t totally sure what I would do with her but I knew if nothing else I could make a profit if I decided to put her in the booth rather than my home.

Ducky duck is mostly off white. I’m sure once upon a time she was white but she’s aged with grace. Her sweet beak is orange which adds just a little pop of  color. Not much, but in some places her her paint has chipped off over time.. Again, she’s aged well.

With her chippy charm I figured she would look good on our porch.. perhaps by the front door. Turns out she actually looks great inside our farmhouse too! So she found a spot sitting in a chair in our dining room. You’ll probably spot ducky duck in many different places throughout our home for a while and when you do, you’ll know how/where I found this sweet duck! Thank so much for dropping by my blog today and readying about ducky duck!



5 Spring Items I’m looking for NOW

Yeah, I know it’s only mid February but I’m a bargain hunter and only want to pay the best prices for treasure. In order to get the best deals, you must plan ahead!

So as I’m walking around “my places”, (AKA – TJ Maxx, World Market, antique shops and thrift stores) I’m carrying along a mental list of items I could use during the upcoming season of Spring! Spring is such a fun season to decorate for because you can use so many fresh crisp items.

1 – Faux Fresh Plants and Greens

Yes, I just used “faux” and “fresh” in the same description!!😂 Faux because they’re fake but fresh because they’re new and they will freshen up your space!

I look for full green garlands that aren’t wintery. Also, I try to snag faux flowers in glass vases (with the fake water 😂) that look real. Helpful Hint – these are often at TJ Maxx and Homegoods. During the Spring, I will want floral touches in every room.

2 –  Old Terra Cotta Planting Pots 

Let me say – I LOVE USED PLANTING POTS! Used terra cotta pots have a cute charm. Many of them have old paint that has chipped and faded from sun over the years.  Helpful Hint – Look for these at the thrift store and garage sales.


3 – Vintage Galvanized Watering Tins 

Nothing screams Spring like an old metal watering tin. These can be sorta pricey. In fact, I found 4 at an antique store yesterday and they were all $55 and up. For this reason, no matter the season if you see an old metal watering tin for $30 or under –  SNAG IT!!

4 – Crisp White Linens

Give me all the light weight linen whites!! When I’m browsing TJ Maxx and World Market I’m on the hunt for crisp light weight throws and linen pillows. Helpful Hint – check the linens at your local thrift store. Look for white, give ’em a good bleach bath and style away for a low price! 

Soon it will be out with the fuzzy and in with the crisp!!

5 – Old Floral Prints 

Antique floral prints are so sweet. Come mid March, add them to your mantel, walls or the window at your kitchen sink. You can find prints with a wide variety of flowers. I typically look for flowers and colors I like. Helpful Hint – Don’t be afraid if the print looks shabby. The shabby charm will add character. Another Helpful Hint – Look for these at an antique store. 

Alright, so there you have!! We can now be on “the hunt” together and soon we’ll be Spring ready!


Karlee Bowman

Cheap & Easy Valentine’s Day Banner

Grab some old paper books from the thrift store and get to cutting some hearts for an easy easy cheap Valentine’s Day banner. Here’s how I made mine!

What you’ll need – 

Jute String 


Hole Puncher 

Old Books (Any old novel will do.. careful not to use an antique book though!)

What to do – 

1 – Rip out some pages from the old books and begin to cut heart shaped pieces. I trimmed paper hearts to all different sizes to add size variation.

2 -Snap some holes in the hearts with your hole puncher. I punched holes on the side edge of each heart.

3 – Cut a line of jute string. Make sure you cut the string to the exact length you want the banner to be.

4 – One by one, place each heart on the jute string and tie a knot securing exactly where you want the paper heart.


You can hang this banner just about anywhere. Here’s a few ideas – across the mantel, above the kitchen sink, over a bed or drape it flat across a coffee/dining table.

This is a good craft to include the kiddos!! Let them cut the hearts and make memories together. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!


Karlee Bowman 


Simple January Farm Table Decor

 January means clean, simplified and basic to me. I love to strip my house to the bare bones and decorate with the most “basic” items in my home.. “Less is more” sorta thing.

After a bank breaking month known as DECEMBER, I like to spend the least amount of money as possible. Here’s my key to doing this – look around my own home and repurpose/re-stage items I already have. Repurposing/re-staging keeps me out of TJ Maxx, World Market and Hobby Lobby.. So, in return I’m saving all “the money”!!!

Early January I restyled our farm table using all items I already owned! The base of this decor is CAKE PLATES! Cake plates are one of my personal favorites because they can be so versatile. I went around my house grabbing as many cake plates I could find. (Tip – You could make a trip to your mom,  grandmother or friend and borrow some cake plates!) 

I set a vintage crochet doily (Best $12 I’ve ever spent at an antique mall) in the center of our farm table. I placed the cake plates all around the center of the table. I set some plates on top of the other then some underneath. I did this to add a variation in height.

Next, we needed green to add some life! I used the lamb’s ear from my Fall decor, so again I saved $$$ there! I just added little touches of pale green here and there to soften the decor.

Finally, I added a little bling.. you all know I LOVE bling! My friend made me these little napkin rings for our Christmas dinner. They’re too pretty not to show so I placed a few on top of the cake plates.

Hope this post encourages you to look around your house and reuse items you already have! It’s called shopping your own home. This is an easy way to become inspired and save money!!

Santa Mug Collection

It’s nearly Christmas!! I wanted to chat about one of my favorite collections. My Santa mugs.

I inherited a love for vintage pottery Santa mugs from my mother. 😊 Growing up, my mom had hundreds of these little Santa faced mugs, pitchers, and cookie jars all around our home during the Holidays. Some belonged to her mother (my grandmother).

It’s sorta funny how the collection began for me.. many of you know I’m a picker/flipper/vintage dealer (whichever you wanna call it). During my early days , when I ran across a Santa mugduring my picking adventures I had to buy it because I always got the sensation my mom would otherwise somehow find out I passed up the opportunity. You know what they say, momma has eyes in the back of her head! 👀

I love the jolliness of the Santa faces. 🎅🏼 Also, the vintage bright red screams Holiday cheer.

Where you can find  –

So it’s taken me a little over a year of collecting (at a very selective price 😉) to find the mugs I have. A few times I lucked up and found the mugs in pairs. If you ever find the mugs with the matching pitcher, you’ve REALLY hit the jackpot!👍🏻

Often times I’ve found these mugs at antique stores but you’re not guaranteed to get a great price. I would say anything under $4.50 a mug is really good! At the beginning of December I found a set of two mugs for $3 at an antique store. 🤑 With that being said, if you spot one at an antique mall ALWAYS at least check the price because you might just find you a steal of a deal!

Speaking of a steal of a deal, the best place to find these beauties for the BEST price is the thrift store. They can be harder to find at a thrift store but they’re much cheaper. In fact, I’ve found several for fifty cent a piece. Of course, I was thinking GIVE ME ALL THE SANTAS at the price. 😍 😍 😍

When you can find –

Shhhh, I’m giving one of my secrets. 😉 You’ll find the best prices during the off season! Look for these mugs all through the year. If you spot one at Goodwill during July, grab it! March – September is likely when you’ll find the best price.

Annnnnd if your really desperate, Target had some adorable new Santa mugs in their Holiday decor section. 😘

Alright, so that’s what I know about Santa mugs! If you find any, be sure to share a picture with me!!

Merry Christmas!!

Karlee Bowman 

(P.s. – Here’s a snapshot of part of my mother’s Santa collection)