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    Q & A – DIY Range Hood

    We’ve had lots of questions about our DIY Range Hood in the kitchen! This is something we’ve wanted to replace for years but didn’t think about building it ourselves. Before this project their was a microwave in this space above our stove. This project was TOTALLY worth it and brought so much warmth to our kitchen. Here’s a few Q & A’s we’ve gotten about the whole process! Q – Does it work? A – YASSS! Q – How much did you spend?  A – Ha, are we talking time or money?! Money – we spent about $75 on the materials. Time – it took us a weekend.  Q –…

  • Debt Free,  DIY

    Save Money – MAKE YOUR OWN LATTE

    I’ve been going to Starbucks for YEARS. Spending $5 here and $5 there and it’s always been the way I’ve got my coffee fix. Until I learned something. One evening I asked Aaron while he was leaving work and asked him to grab me a latte on the way home. We live 20 minutes from town and I still had a ton of work to do that night. Ugh,I didn’t catch him in time. And then he surprised me with, “I can make you one when I get home.” What??? I had NO idea he knew how to do this.. Why has he been keeping this a secret? Well, the…

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