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    She Shed & Chicken Coop Christmas Blog Tour

    Hi! I’m so glad you made it over to my blog and I’m excited to share the chicken coop with ya! Some of you possibly came from The Little Green Bean blog and if you did, welcome!!! So I waited a minute too long to deck the halls of the chicken coop this year. I had a plan but I couldn’t find any fresh garland or wreaths in our WHOLE TOWN!! AHHH!! It turned out okay though because it forced me to be creative and I saved money! I found myself at our local farmers market on my journey to finding those items. They were giving their tree clippings away…

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    Christmas in the Workroom for $10

    Yep, we made Christmas happen in the Classic Cottage Co. workroom. Many hours are spent in that workroom of ours so we decided to make it festive for the Holiday season! Our small business functions on a small business budget so we wanted to play this Christmas decor game smart! I turned to my trusty favorite for me this season Target lights. Simply draping these lights around our chalkboard gave an instant Holiday glow. Not bad for $10! Speaking of chalkboard, I grabbed my chalk (I’m such an artist. NOT!) and drew out a simple (VERY SIMPLE) tree. Note – If I can do this you can too!! This bit of…

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    Making Money with a Vintage Booth During the Holidays

    I’ve been in the industry for a few years now and I can tell you the Holiday season can be a little slower for antique dealers/pickers. Sad to say, but I’ve heard many dealers say they have a hard time paying rent during the Holidays, much less making a profit for the work! I try to be very strategic when it comes to Classic Cottage Co. during the Holidays so that I not only make rent but bring home a paycheck! Here’s a few tips! Christmas Decor Stocked People are buying all things Christmas right now. Look at the big box stores – Target can barely keep it in stock. Wednesday…

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    Fresh Pine Wreath

    A simple timeless way to add holiday cheer to your home is with a fresh pine wreath! You can use it inside or out – either way it’ll have that little space smelling and looking like Christmas time! That’s why when Artist Wreaths  reached out about sending us a wreath for the Holiday season – I said , “SURE”!!  There’s nothing like fresh pine during the Holidays. The wreath we chose was the Cedar Roses & Red Princess Pine Holiday Wreath. I was attracted to this wreath because of the sweet cedar pine roses. I though those were a creative combo on a Christmas wreath. It has just enough neutral with…

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    Preparing for Christmas at Thanksgiving

    Yep, I know it’s a debate. Truthfully I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I’m talking about the topic of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving Day. Let me start by saying, it’s all about the traditions and what makes your heart happy. For this reason, my halls are already decked for the season on Thanksgiving.  In my mind, Nov 1 bErin’s the whole season of Jolliness. Part of this is because it’s how I was raised, so it’s tradition. Growing up, our home would already be decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day. It felt so festive! This week I’ve been asked several times if it was okay to…

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    Be Careful What You Teach Your Children

    If it hadn’t of been for my mother, I wouldn’t have this career. Seriously. I think about it often this time of year. Why? Because every October and November she would drag me out to every flea mall/ antique store in and around our area and make me hunt for every vintage Santa mug, pitcher or cookie jar I could find. On the regular – she would take me to yard sales and estate sales. At a young age, mom taught me how to hunt. Eventually, I developed an eye for things I liked and I would put them away in my hope chest. Mom drilled me to look for…

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    One Final October Weekend

    So we’re approaching the end of October, sadly! No worries – more fun months are to come. However, I want to embrace every last moment of the month and all it’s fun festive charm! Since Aaron and I don’t have children yet, this post is geared to those adults who are without kiddos yet still wanna be festive! There’s no way we can fit all of these ideas into the next remaining days but this will hopefully get your festive mind going!! To Do 1- Go to The Pumpkin Patch   Yep, there’s still time! 2 – Binge watch scary or not really thaaaaaat scary movies.  Aaron and I LOVE doing this! …

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    The Clock Collection

    Within the past year I have a newfound love for collections and grouped items that are very similar to one another. When similar vintage items are grouped it achieves a uniformed look with character.. if such a thing is possible. I’ve always collected milk glass (began at age 8) but recently I’ve wanted to broaden my collection abilities. That’s around the time I began thinking clocks were cute. Yep clocks. Especially the little vintage desk clocks with the white face and blacks numbers. So I began hunting around the antique malls and keeping the ones I found while picking. (This isn’t my usual way of doing business.. lol) Before I…

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    Fall Dining Room Decor

     Fall and Christmas are my VERY FAVORITE times of the year to decorate my home! I love pumpkins, orange, fall scented candles, cooler temperatures.. ahh just give me all the warm cozy tones!! So I did a little Fall decor on our farm table in the dining room. As usual, I kept it simple and tried using mostly items I already had. Sometimes shopping your own home is the best way to find cheap inspo! I tend to shop my own home every season and swap items around. This Fall, I used some white cake stands to add height and antique glass jugs on either side of those cake stands. To…

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    Cute Fall Etsy Finds

    So Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I love the colors, smells (Yep, I’m talking about the candles) and festivities. Here’s a few adorable items I found on Etsy that really out me in the Fall spirit!!   Links Pumpkin Pattern Rolling Pin – Click Here Mason Jar Pumpkin – Click Here Pumpkin Garland – Click Here Chenille Pumpkins – Click Here Mornin Pumpkin Pillow – Click Here Pumpkin Mug – Click Here Autumn Tea Towel – Click Here White Pumpkin Mug – Click Here Paper Cups – Click Here Fall Sign – Click Here Welcome Mat – Click Here

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