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5 Keys I’ve Learned Since Expanding to The French Flamingo

It’s been a little over one month since I expanded my vintage booth, Classic to an additional location at The French Flamingo.😊 I’ve learned so many lessons since opening my first tiny booth during July 2016. Yet again, expanding to The French Flamingo has been another learning experience for me!

1 – Excellence

First and foremost, this expansion has taught me a new level of excellence. Ana is the owner of The French Flamingo. Ana keeps the entire store ready for a magazine photo shoot at all times. 😍 Needless to say, The French Flamingo is Gorgeous! 

Example – I was one light bulb short for my chandelier. I knew first thing the next day I would need to attach the missing light bulb because The French Flamingo is a classy store and expects the very best!

2 – Customers Appreciate the “Extras”

Go above and beyond for your customer because they notice. Take a few extra minutes to write the detailed history of the antique piece you’re selling. Be creative with your “extras”. 👍🏻 Customers deserve the very best!

3 – There’s Always Room to Grow

This expansion came very quick and unexpected for me.  Really, you could call it an unexpected blessing. I had just expanded to a much larger booth less than two months before I expanded to this additional location.☝🏻I’ve always suggested growing slow and steady in this business.

Two expansions in two months isn’t slow. During this process I’ve learned there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS room to grow! Take the risk!

4 – Delight your Customers by Selling Unusual Pieces

 Customers are looking for special pieces with pretty details.😍 Go for the piece with detail, quality and personality. Your customers will notice.

5- Make Every Moment Count

 I grew up in a family full of ministers, so of course this precious Scripture comes to mind.

“Redeem the time, because the days are evil” Ephesians 5:16

Each time I drop by The French Flamingo, Ana is creating something beautiful. We’ve had many conversations while she’s behind the counter all the while creating. She has taught me so much about time and being productive.

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